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So here’s a bunch of links that I, Republibot 3.0, Genius, have found on the web that I thought might amuse you:
- Major Andrew Olmstead, US Army, was in Iraq, and he had a fairly active blog that I never heard about until he died a year or so ago, and even then I doubtless wouldn’t have heard about it excepting that he was a big B5 geek, and I’m a big B5 geek, and he quotes the show at least a dozen times in his final post. He wrote himself a final entry for the blog to be put up in the event that he died, and it’s interesting, funny, sad, insightful, and of course tragic, and really not all that much about B5 despite his quotes.
- If you’ve never heard of the Wold Newton Family, it’s an attempt (Started apparently by Philip Jose Farmer) to retcon *every* classic human Science Fiction character in to *one* family tree. Utterly pointless, but undeniably fascinating as only mental disease can be: This lawyer guy here has a website about it if you’re interested in that sort of thing.
- I totally hate Joseph Campbell. I think he’s a self-important tool who utterly missed the point of mythology, slapped together a half-assed Unitarian Universalists’ kind of “Guide to myths for people with no idea what they’re talking about and no desire to learn”, which appealed to other self-important tools (I’m thinking George Lucas and Bill Moyers, but there are legions of others) who more-or-less single-handedly turned summer popcorn movies, pulp novels, and high school history classes into a complete waste of time for everyone. So its nice to see I’m not alone in this opinion: and here’s the acompanying chart/checklist that shows how you too can become a Hollywood screenwriter with just a copy of “Hero with a Thousand Faces” and no imagination of your own: hate hate hate. (WARNING: IO9 is one o’ them thar’ liberal SF websites)
- So what were *you* doing on Saturday, September 8th, 1973? As for me, I was watching this: (And even then I thought it was terrible)
- Now that the Presidential Election is over, it’s always a good time to check up on “The Seven Rules Of Highly Effective Propagandists.”
- You know, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this is the absolute worst movie I’ve ever seen in a lifetime of intentionally watching really crappy movies: I remembered catching the very end of it once as a kid, and was always intrigued, so when I found it somewhere for a buck thirty years later, how could I pass it up? At a buck, it was overpriced by at least 99 cents. This is a movie so bad that it took me THREE YEARS to finally soldier through it, a scene at a time.
- What’s that you say? Your kid is obsessed w/ Pokemon, and you can’t tell the difference between a Palkia and a Pikachu? Try this ridiculously handy online resource
- Two Windows into an alternate history: First up, we have architectural sketches for major projects in soviet-era Moscow, none of which ever happened, but a lot of which are really cool: and secondly we’ve got scads of pictures of the soviet N1 rocket. These were the USSR’s equivalent to the Saturn V, and they still stand as the 2nd-most-powerful rockets ever built. They made 10 of ‘em, blew up 4, and cancelled the project in 1974 right before the launch of the 5th. They were pretty sure the 5th one would have worked, in which case the soviets would have landed on the moon.
- And finally, here’s some snazzy CGI of a Ceres-sized asteroid whacking in to the earth, set to the music of “That Great Big Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd