Ice Cream And Venom

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As many of you know I e-published my first book, "Ice Cream and Venom" about eight months ago on Amazon in Kindle format. It's been very well reviewed - better than I expected, really - but being as it was my first book, and my first experience with that format, it had a LOT of formatting and editing errors I didn't notice until after it was online and people started pointing 'em to me. They were substantial. Also, to be honest, the order of the stories didn't flow very well. It started out on the weakest (And most deliberately offensive!) one. Also, the Table of Contents didn't work. All the critics agreed it was a nice house I'd built, but the plumbing was crap.

This necessitated a massive re-edit and re-organization of the book, and I'm happy to report that all the irritating issues with the initial release have been fixed. If you look at the Amazon page, you'll note three editors. It took a lot of surgeons to fix my mistakes. Special thanks to Ginrummy, who ultimately wrestled it into shape.

If you've got any interest in reading it, but been holding off getting a copy, the updated version is here.

Thanks for considering it!