HELP WANTED: We need someone to review Ben 10

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Hi, everyone. Up until now, I've been the guy who reviewed the various Ben 10 series. For a variety of reasons, I can no longer do that. However, it's a really good show, and it totally deserves coverage on our site. We would be honored to run reviews of the show, if someone out there is willing to write 'em.

We don't pay you (Nor do we pay ourselves) but it's a pretty good gig. We've got a not-insignificant web presence, and between 700 and 1500 people a day will see what you write. If you're looking to turn yourself into a name-brand blogger, there are far worse places to start than here. And if you just really like the show, and want to review it, well, hey, so much the better!

If you're interested, write up a SHORT sample review and contact me at