HELP WANTED: How would YOU like to be Republibot 4.0?

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Hey everyone.

Long story short: we need a new head writer and editor to take over for me on the site here. Ideally, this could be one wildly overworked person who could take over for my wildly overworked self (Let's call Him or Her "Republibot 4.0") but it could just as easily be two people, ("Republibots 4.0 and 5.0") one doing the writing another doing the editing. Whatever. Gosh knows I easily did the work of two or three normal humans, so I'm cool about farming it out to, y'know, whomever.

Basically the job entails

(A) being interesting more-or-less continually
(B) taking part in as many conversations in the comments and forums as possible
(C) writing at least one blog entry a day
(D) editing other people's blog entries (To be honest, I was always pretty lax on this one. I can barely spell, after all)
(E) Being politically conservative, but still engagingly open-minded and
(F) not getting paid.

This is not me being passive-aggressive or anything, it's just that if the site is going to continue it needs a new head writer, and someone to edit. And if someone wants to run roughshod over forums/comments as a separate job ("Republibot 6.0"), I'm cool with that, too.

The point is: there's more that goes into running a site like this than one person can realistically do, and after nearly five years, this one person in particular is burned out. So we're at a crossroads as to what to do next. If we're going to continue - a substantial and unresolved 'if' at this point - we need two or three dedicated people to work on it responsibly, a little bit every day, without goading from Republibots 1 and 2.

If you're interested, contact me at and we'll discuss it in more detail, and decide if it's something you really wanna' do.

UPDATE July 6th 2012 UPDATED July 6th 2012 UPDATE

Looks like we might have a Republibot 4.0! Stay tuned...