Happy New Year, and Thank You

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Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks to everyone who made 2012 such a success for us, despite all our personal losses. Seriously, folks, thanks for being a part of our little community. Speaking for all the 'Bots and myself, we greatly appreciate it.

When this site first started out, it was pretty random. I'd think of something, or something shiny would catch my eye, and I'd stick it up here. Sometimes we'd have 5 posts a day, sometimes only one. There was no rhyme or reason to it. R1 and R2 did likewise. As we settled into our more standard roles (Basically me doing the content, R2 doing the tech stuff, and R1 providing overall direction), I kinda' started to burn out under the strain of being effortlessly interesting. R1 basically dictated that we needed to be more organized and regimented. "Original Fiction" on Wednesdays, "Fan Film Fridays" and so on.

This proved to be a really good idea, which is why he's the boss.

In the last year, however, I think mostly just given the crazy year I've had, I've found the regimen to be kinda' constraining and harder and harder to deal with. For instance, I've tried to schedule stuff so that we've got just one article running per day, so we don't waste content. I've scheduled open spots for other columns, and left 'em open. This is all well and good, and it encourages other contributors, which is *TOTALLY* what we want to do. However, it's increasingly weighed upon my own abilities which consist of (A) typing really fast and (B) being effortlessly interesting.

Sound counterintuitive? Perhaps. My presence here is something like a gadabout at a party. I make some neat insight, get conversation going, and move on. If I have to *not* make a comment between the hours of 8:00 and 9:15 of the party, however, it cramps my style. I have to start thinking about what I'm gonna' say, I have to budget the really interesting stuff versus the mildly diverting stuff, and it just becomes...well, it requires effort, which I'm not really good at.

So for the duration of this year, I've decided to ditch that. I've decided I'm going to be less structured and more challenging. I'm basically gonna' say whatever interests me whenever it occurs to me, and return to those glory days of early 2009, before R1 called me into his office and gave me the "Don't be a dope" speech. I have discussed this with him, and he agrees we're established enough now that I can provisionally experiment with being a dope again. Hooray!

What does this mean to you?

Nothing, really. A bit more content overall. Normal columns will continue, contributions are still welcome, there'll generally be nothing new on weekends, but my own contributions will be a bit more erratically spaced. Retrospeculative TV may be on Tuesdays, as usual, but if I'm really into a show, you might get 5 or 6 reviews in the space of a couple weeks. My original fiction will pop up on the site as it's written, not specifically on Wednesdays. If anyone wants to submit original fiction, I'll schedule that for Wednesdays, same as always. Fan Film Friday and that kind of stuff will continue to run as they always have.

Basically, I'm tired of holding back.

So there you go. Let me know if you think it works or not.

Happy New Year.