Happy New Year, and Thank You

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Well, our second full year online has come and gone, and as usual we've learned a lot. For instance: I can dress myself now! But I won't bore you with a whole lot of life lessons and zoning board regulations here.

Bottom line, it's been a really good year. We've quadrupled our traffic (on average), we've built quite a little community of people here, we're well regarded by most of the people who check us out, regardless of which side of the political spectrum they're on.

Of course these things don't happen in a vacuum. A whole lot of people have helped out or supported us in one way or another. It's impossible to single them all out for the recognition they deserve, but we'd like to take a moment to at least mention the people who've really gone over and above to support our goofball little enterprise.

Republibot 2.0 would like to thank Sam White, Dr. Charlie Starr, the nice folks at NearlyFreeSpeech.net hosting and everyone who has helped spread the word.

Republibot 3.0 would like to thank Neorandomizer, who's had to go through stuff no one should ever have to go through this year, and *still* managed knock stuff out of the park here. I'd also like to thank Robert Bee, who stepped up when I had my little burnout a few weeks back. Tessa Dick, who contributed a story; Kristine N. who offered to write an ongoing column for us; Flabbergasted for his epic book review; as well as Church and 10,000 Li, and the rest of our regulars who make this place worth tuning in to.

Thank you, folks, thank you thank you thank you all.

I would also like to make a personal thanks to Harlan Ellison. Reputation notwithstanding, you simply could not ask for a smarter, more amiable, more fun, honorable guy to talk to than him, and I consider myself unbearably lucky to have gotten to the chance to talk to him so much over the last year.

So that's from us. If any of you reading this would like to single out anyone for thanks, sound off in the comments below!