Happy New Year, and Thank You!

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Happy New Year, and a great big thank you to everyone who’s contributed to making this website a success. We initially went online with tests and some minor content in late December of 2008, but we really consider today to be our first anniversary, if we may be disingenuously allowed to commemorate the occasion the training wheels came off, and not the actual day we got the bike.

When we started this whole crazy enterprise, we had no idea if it would fly or not. Science Fiction is fairly liberal, after all, and the lack of any conservative SF sites might very well have been an indicator that there was no niche for such things. We took a bet that there was, however, and we’ve had vastly, vastly, vastly more success than we anticipated.

For those of you wondering what qualifies as “Success” in our book, as of this writing about 49,000 people have visited our site. That’s not 49,000 hits, mind you, that’s 49,000 individual people. Most of them are one-visits, of course, but about a quarter are repeat visitors. We’ve had about 65,000 total visits, with more than 112,000 page views! At present, we’re running about 500 visit’s a day on average, which puts us in the top 5% of all websites in the world, surprisingly. Especially surprising considering we’re a family-friendly site that features no porn nor naked ladies. We’re not making any money off of it yet, but hopefully that’ll come.

So it really has been successful, but as with all (very) minor media triumphs, it’s group effort. We owe our successes to an awful lot of people, and we’d - well most of us, anyway - like to show our gratitude publicly.

As for me, personally, I’d like to thank God for giving me a neurological predisposition towards mad typing skills and a gift for blather, and for His continued forbearance in not smiting me dead with a lightning bolt for some of the amazingly stupid things I say.

My wife and kids deserve thanks for supporting me in this, yet another of my harebrained schemes.

I would also like to thank all of the A-listers who have graciously agreed to allow us to interview them, and spend time with us: John Varley, Joe Straczynski, Ron Miller, and Harlan Ellison. *

In particular, I’d like to single out Harlan for spending more than five hours with me on the phone, answering my questions no matter how redundant or silly, for being a preternaturally decent human being, for the nice things he’s said publicly about one of my articles, and just basically for taking notice of a mere speedbump on the information superhighway such as myself, and treating me like I was worth talking to, like I mattered, when I very clearly do not. It’s rare in this life that you get to meet your heroes in any meaningful fashion, rarer still that they turn out to be more than you expected them to be, and practically unheard of for them to pal around with you for the equivalent of an afternoon, cracking jokes and telling stories and challenging you intellectually, and for that I will always be grateful for- and more than a bit blown away by - the experience. If we never, never, never do another thing of note here on the site, it was worth it because it afforded me an audience with the unquestioned Grand Master of this - and several other - genres.

Harlan, if Jan in the EU finds this and brings it to your attention: Thank you, sir. You’re a mensch!

I’d also like to thank the supremely talented Sean Wang and Tessa Dick, and Patrick Hughes for allowing us to interview them and expose their work to our audience, as well as Clive Young, Scott Cummins, Joseph Negra, Mark Hildebrand, and all the other Fan Film folks we‘ve spoken to this year, as well as the support of the Fan Film community as a whole.

Thanks to Wolf (for his reviews of “Eureka“), Church Tucker for his reviews, Burt Cottage (For his reviews of “Chuck“), Dr. Charlie Starr (For his ongoing “Science Fiction University” column), and our new best friend, Neorandomizer (For providing original stories and a lot of daily articles), and, in general, everyone who’s contributed content to the site.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s given us good reviews and linked to us this year, as well: John Scott Lewinski from Underwire, Thredonia, Modern Conservative, Wikipedia, ilovedinomartin.com and even one unexpected link from IO9. (Thank you, Charlie Jane Anders)

Finally, I’d like to thank our rogues gallery of regular visitors and commentators that I haven’t already thanked elsewhere: WhaleOfATale, Mike Kriskey, Wolf, Ginrummy, nekeys01, SmithCommaJohn, Jake Was Here, dino martin peters, Falconlady, Mister_Blank, Kit, 10000li, Fornax, stillers, and hundreds more far too numerous to name.

Once again, I’ve talked too much and said too little, but thank you all. Geez, now I can see why those Academy acceptance speeches run so damn long!

Republibot 2.0 would like to thank:
Sam White
Dr. Charlie Starr
Dr. Perry Stepp
Dr. Rudy Rucker (for giving him continued motivation)
All our readers
and most of all,
Republibot 36-24-36 and the Republibotlets 2.1-2.4, inclusive.

Our esteemed leader, Republibot 1.0 says “I have no one to thank or be grateful to – all of this hard earned anonymity is due to our own dedicated persistence at being non-mainstream nerds with a passion for things that we were beat for as children by our classmates. Now that those selfsame classmates all pretend to always have been like us I have no thankfulness to share.”

Onward and upward in the new year! Check back often and tell your friends!

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*- The Ellison interview hasn’t run yet. We’ve had delays arising from transcription, illness, finding a new transcriber, yet more illness, and the sheer volume of material he’s given us to root through, though we’re getting close to completing it. We hope it’ll run some time in early 2010, after Mr. Ellison himself signs off on it. He’s been uncommonly nice to us, and we ain’t a-gonna’ do nuthin’ without his permission.