GREEN MACHINES: Hajek Motor Sports

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Usually, when you think of "sustainable agriculture" and "biofuels," you think of some aging hippies driving around from one farm market to the next in a Prius. Hitting almost 200 MPH in a pick-up truck at the Bonneville Salt Flats certainly does not immediately come to mind.

But that's just what farmer and part-time race car driver Brent Hajek has done. What's even more impressive, he's used biofuels in his race vehicles, and when one of the Ford Mustangs he'd fitted out with soy-based plastic hood and front fascias catastrophically wrecked, losing control at 274 mph and sailing over 1100 feet through the air, the bio-panels were the only parts of the car that survived intact (as did the driver, thankfully.)

A self-styled innovator and promotional machine, Hajek has a Motorsports Museum outside Ames, Oklahoma, with the crushed yellow Mustang on display right alongside the gleaming vintage racing machines in his collection.

We need more innovators like this, guys doing crazy, cool stuff to get people fired up over finding new uses for raw materials we can grow instead of mine from the ground. We need people who can make the dreary work of "saving the environment" fun and exciting. Watching an 8800-pound F-250 Crew Cab hit ludicrous speeds on biodiesel is the sugar that makes the environmentalist medicine go down.

You can read more about Brent here:

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