First Impressions: Doctor Who: "The Eleventh Hour" (Spoiler Free)

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This is going to be quick bit about my impressions of the new Doctor, Matt Smith and his debut episode. There will be a full review, complete with the ordinary stuff I normally pack into my reviews a bit closer to the BBC-America debut date.

Brilliant. That's really all you need to know. Matt Smith was born to play the Doctor. He jumps in with both feet and runs from the first time he rappels up from the swimming pool/library. Karen Gillan is a sort of companion that we've never seen before, but is hinted at in previous Doctor Who episodes by Moffatt. She's somewhere between Madame du Pompadour and Sally Sparrow; she and the Doctor have an interesting instant history. And although the Doctor doesn't look old, he seems old. And he's apparently still the most dangerous man in the universe.

The show has a slightly different look and feel; the opening titles and music is different, the camera direction has a different touch and we get to see the world a little more through the Doctor's eyes than we're used to. But there's a nice cohesiveness and a cool callback to previous Doctors. This is still old school Doctor Who, but brand new.

And if that's a paradox, well it's one that I trust the new Doctor to resolve.

P.S. I watched it with the kids, and they all loved it. That's saying something.