FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Venus Rises" takes flight!

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Last year we interviewed Joseph Negra of Venus Rises, an ambitious original web series produced along the same lines as any number of space-based fanfilms.

Unlike the endless seas of Trek and Star Wars fan films, however, this one was an entirely original story and universe, not beholden to any existing media franchise. There are very, very, very few of these. So few that I'm covering it as a fan film, even though it's clearly not one, simply because I don't have anywhere else to put it. (This is the case with "Iron Sky" as well)

When last we spoke, Venus Rises was proceding apace, but had been partially waylaid by production and casting problems. Well, they're up and running now, boy!

Go here to check out the first episode

Come back, comment, and I hope to have more info available soon!