FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Trek Through Time" by Kelvington

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Happy New Year, and welcome to our first quandry of the new decade: Is this a fan film or just a mashup. Well, obviously it's a mashup, but does that mean it isn't a fanfilm? To be honest, I'm not sure. Granted, there's no original footage here, no sets built or rendered, no fat guys from Minot, North Dakota pretending to be Commander Koening, or what have you, but it still kinda' feels like a fan film, it's got that air about it, even if it doesn't quite fit the bill.

Thinking on it, I'm gonna' say this probably *isn't* a fan film any more than an FMV is a fan film - there's simply no fanfic aspect to it, which is the core of all fan films - but I'm going to allow it at least this once, since it's the end of the year and we're kinda' spotty on comment while everyone's on vacation. As for sharing future examples of this kind of thing, I'll content myself to the judgement of our readers. Sound off in comments, or email me.

(An FMV is a Fan Music Video. Here's an example:

or )

In any event, Rick Kelvington is, I suspect, English, and he's a fanatical fan of the original Trek and the current Dr. Who, and he's a devil with the editing, as you can see here:


That's Part 1. Part 2 is here:


and Part 3 is here:

or here

Or you can see the whole thing in one clip here with much better picture quality and sound, though it takes a long time to load.

His official website is here, with lots more examples of this sort of thing.

[CORRECTION: Mr. Kelvington contacted us to let us know that there actually *is* some original footage in his mashup. He shot a few transitional scenes with doubles, filmed from the rear, going from shot to shot and suchlike. Re-watch it and see if you can spot 'em.]