FAN FILM FRIDAY: Tell us about your own failures!

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Last week we showcased a presumably-dead Star Wars fanfilm called "Tyderium," and a few weeks back I talked about my own experiences with failed fanfilm projects.

Thing is: What you get onscreen is really only half the story with this kind of thing, and the stories of how these projects fall apart is generally every bit as interesting - and quite a bit more common - than when they go right. For every Cawley who can effortlessly put together a high-quality production, there's a million people like me who....ehm....can't.

But in fact, failing was a hoot two out of the three times I did it, and one even involved hot chicks in bikinis hanging off of me on camera in a failed Bond fanfilm, so, hey, maybe you fine folks have tales of woe you'd like to share.

There's really only one way things can go right, and thousands of ways they can go wrong. If you've got any experience with this, lets talk about it!

Sound off below!