FAN FILM FRIDAY: Starship Farragut: "The Captaincy"

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Our esteemed Grand Poobah, Republibot 1.0, has suggested that we start a weekly feature looking at Fan Films. There was some screaming and some tears on my part - I don't respond well to change - but eventually, patiently, after about 30 hours of conversation, and an amazing sock puppet presentation, I finally got what he was saying. I don't actually *remember* what he said now, mind you, but I do remember that I did understand it - briefly - at one point, and that's good enough for me.

Thus, welcome to our first Fan Film Friday, a weekly feature in which we showcase Fan Films that may be worthy of the consideration of our viewers. I mean, it's not like Friday 13th could be an inauspicious day to start a new feature, right? Right?

A while back, we interviewed Mark Hildebrand about the "Starship Farragut" fan film project, which has generated several full-length episodes, several shorts, and is in the process of doing Filmation-styled animated episodes as well. You can read that here

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here's "The Captaincy," the first full-length episode from the Farragut crew:

It's a bit rough - these 'first episodes' always are, and the premise felt a bit derivative of the original Galactica's "Gun on Ice Planet Zero" 2-parter (Which was, itself, a blatant rip off of "The Guns of Naverone"), but it's always nice to see the TOS sets again, and to see the ammount of effort people put in to these things, with no pay and no prospect of pay for their troubles. What it lacks in technical proficiency here and there, it more than makes up for simply by being a labor of love.

What are your thoughts? Sound off below?

EDIT: I changed the link to show the whole episode, not just the teaser. Sorry about that, I wasn't thinking. Also, if you'd like to download the episode in much better quality, go here and click the top link.