FAN FILM FRIDAY: Starship Exeter: "The Tresaurian Intersection"

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Last week we talked about Starship Farragut. This week, since the vast majority of SF fan films are either Trek or Star Wars, we're gonna' talk about Starship Exeter.

Some of you may remember a few months back when we interviewed the director or the second "Starship Exeter" film ( here ) To my mind, it's far and away the better of the two, and though still missing the final act, enough of the story is present and resolved that one can safely guess how it ends. Acting, sets, and direction are much, much better than in their first episode, and, as always, it's a giddy thrill to see these old sets and costumes, particularly in a new dramatic context.

Check it out here, and sound off on your opinions about it in the comments!

Also, I should mention that I've never met her or anything, but I had a breif crush on Elizabeth Wheat, who plays the Yoeman. She's kind of adorable...

I know "Phase 2" is getting all the love these days, but Exeter is really worth a look.