FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning"

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Ok, let's start the new year off right, shall we? As regular readers of this site will recall, I've long bemoaned the fact that there are no Babylon 5 Fan Films. I can't quite understand why, since it's such a ripe territory to mine, and there's no end of dangling threads from the various failed spinoffs. Alas, none. Well, actually, there *is* one partial exception, and that is the deservedly famous "Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning," a high quality feature-length comedy fan film released in 2005.

The capstone of a long series of Trek fan film parodies of gradually-improving quality, "In The Pirkinning" - done for less than no budget - looks un-be-freakably amazing, like an actual feature film for much of its run time, and the big twist in the plot is when the "Federation" forces run up against B5. We're treated to an amazing tour de force space battle between the Earth Alliance and various Fed ships. It's glorious, and, best of all, *most* of the acting isn't fall-down embarasing. It's actually funny when it's trying to be, not by accident.

The film is in Finnish with subtitles, and within a month of its release on the internet, it became the most successful film in the history of Finland, presumably because it appeals to an international niche market, whereas most Finnish films probably don't.

Now, at the suggestion of the erstwhile Fan Film scholar Clive Young ( Here: and here: ), it is not our policy to *review* Fan Films as such. That's subjecting them to unfair strictures and competition that they were never meant to bear. The point of a fan film isn't who can be better or worse than someone else, the point is the people who are making these things are getting something from them that they can no longer get from the source material, for whatever reason.

That said, there's some really really funny in-jokes in here, and if you've never actually watched another one of these dealies, this is a fantastic place to start out. Plus, it's as close as we'll ever see to an actual B5 Fanfilm, it seems.

You have several viewing options available.

You can watch the "British" version here:

or here
You can watch the "American" version here at the Internet archive:
Or you can just go to Star Wreck's official site here, watch or download the movie, and buy a coffee mug while you're waiting:

The Star Wreck guys are evidently done with fanfilms, and are presently at work on an original film about Nazis on the moon called "Iron Sky," which I'm eagerly looking forward to. (Just for clarity's sake, the Nazis are the bad guys in that film.) Should any of the Star Wreck cast and crew stumble across this article on our humble site, and should any of 'em speak English (Since I don't speak Finnish, nor do I know anyone who can translate), we would *love* to talk to you about the "Wreck" films, and the "Iron Sky" project. Contact us through the site.

And now to our readers: Do you have a favorite fan film? Were you in one? Is there one you'd like to see us feature on "Fan Film Friday?" If so, let us know! Sound off in the comments, or email me directly at