FAN FILM FRIDAY: Roundup: Fan Trailers

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Trailers are a popular format for fan films. They allow a fan to show the broad strokes of an idea in a short and accessable form, without the hassle of creating a full version. Recuts, which are made primarily from existing footage, allow all this to be done by one (very dedicated) fan entirely on his or her computer. Join me after the jump for three impressive examples of this genre.



First up, Thundercats Movie Trailer (fan made) by WormyTV. Wormy did a pretty impressive casting of an imagined live action Thundercats movie (a Hollywood version is perpetually stuck in development hell.) Using Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, he cobbled together scenes from 28 movies to produce a trailer for it. Some difficulties with the 'makeup' aside, the result is a convincing case for this dream cast.

The (rather extensive) list of movies and credits is in the YouTube description.

Jaron Pitts' Green Lantern Trailer was made while the Green Lantern movie was in pre-production, but before the actors were cast. Jaron did an impressive job, using 30 different movies and shows, of imagining for us what Hal Reynolds Jordan portrayed by Nathan Fillion would look like. Frankly, I like the tone of this better than the Hollywood version.

The bulk of the effects and editing was done with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. The full list of movies and credits is in the YouTube description.

Doctor Who Meets Star Trek The Next Generation is a by our old friend Kelvington. It's a followup of sorts to his Trek Through Time, although he is not planning on doing a full version of this (I suspect the fact that the previous one took a year and a half has something to do with it.)

R3 interviewed Kelvington last year about his earlier vids.


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