FAN FILM FRIDAY: "The Prisoner" by Jessica Erskine (2009)

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The definition of "Fan Film" is pretty broad. Generally it refers to people making their own episodes of TV shows they like, or tying things in to movies, but it can also refer to parody, to homage, Mashups, and so on. So does creating your own parody titles to the greatest SF series of all time count as fan film stuff? Well, maybe it doesn't and maybe it does, but who really cares? This one is done by Jessica Erskine, and she's freakin' adorable. If you *have* seen the Prisoner (The REAL one, not that crap "Re-imagining"), then you can just skip ahead to the good stuff. If you *Haven't* seen "The Prisoner," it requires a tiny bit (Three minutes) of setup, however, so click below.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, here's the reason I called you all here today:

I gotta' tell ya', the first time I saw that it totally pushed me over the edge into hebephrenic laughter. Several other people we've run it past have had similar reactions. None of us have been quite sure why it works so well - comedy being hard to dissect and all - but everyone laughs. It's not our policy to review Fan Films, of course, but my own thinking is that it's how committed she is to the gag. She maintains an entirely inappropriate sense of intensity through the whole goofball thing. Also, not meaning to sound stalkery or anything, but our unpaid galley peons are all in love with her. Republackeys 4, 7, and 7B (6 was sick for a bit, so we re-cast the part, then kept the replacement on when the original came back) think she's adorable, and Republibob ("The Lackey's Lackey!") wants to marry her. Ms. Erskine appears to have largely abandoned the world of pointless Youtube tomfoolery about a year ago, but you can check out her other (original) films here. A lot of 'em are pretty funny, though the editing isn't as tight as in this one.