FAN FILM FRIDAY: Primeval, "Get Out Alive"

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In trying to open things up a bit, I did a serarch for fan films based on Jurassic Park, because who doesn't like dinosaurs, right?  Well, as it turns out, almost all of the fan-based clips I looked at on YouTube were uniformly terrible.  I'm talking blurry, jumpy, bad sound, wooden acting, cheap sets, with frames labelled "Insert CGI here."  And I'm not talking about the Lego animations.


But I did find what appears to be either a music video or some sort of promo clip for a now-cancelled TV series called Primeval, which looks kinda cool.  Apparently dinos have come through temporal portals to terrorize modern-day humans.  Since this show aired on the BBC starting in 2007, I'd randomly guess that Steven Speilberg may have ripped off some of the concept behind Terra Nova from it.  Temporal anomalies, dinosaurs...ok, so Doctor Who had dinosaurs on a space ship, but that was a bit of a gag idea, right?  Anyway, Primeval ran for five series, had a Canadian spinoff, inspired toys, and lost a buttload of money before being cancelled.


So if you ever wondered who would win a race, a dinosaur or an SUV...