FAN FILM FRIDAY: The Pink Five Saga

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Y'know, this is so cool. I mean, they almost never let me fly but, like, today they said that everybody gets to.

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While obviously a funny juxtaposition, the premise of the film is pretty close to the original. If an untrained farmboy was pressed into service as a fighter jock, their standards were pretty low. Wile most of the references are to Star Wars, they also manage to work in a Hardware Wars reference.

Pink Five was originally done as a greenscreen test by Trey Stokes. According to Amy Earhart (Stacy) it was shot in two hours and was never intended to be released. Fortunately, Stokes uploaded it and it found an enthusiastic audience online. It went on to win the George Lucas Selects award at the 2003 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.

Encouraged by the positive response, Stokes and Earhart brought Stacy back for a sequel, Pink Five Strikes Back, in 2004.

This one is much more ambitious, with Stacy getting to step out of the cockpit. Stokes gets a chance to use his puppetry skills with Yoda. I liked that they worked in a sly nod to the fact that Frank Oz voiced both Yoda and Kermit. The pacing is also good, with the story essentially consisting of a series of short vignettes. Strikes Back was just as popular as the original, winning Audience Choice at the Star Wars Fan Film Awards.

You'll note at the end they advertise the next installment as "Revenge of Pink Five." The actual title is Return of Pink Five, which nicely parallels the title switch in the original series.

While I approve of the attempt to give Stacy some growth, it's difficult to buy her as a badass. The pacing is problematic and makes this feel even longer than it is. They apparently extended the lightsaber fight on set, which was not at all needed. There's some odd self-referential stuff as well, such as the frog line in the desert. It worked in the previous one because of the Frank Oz connection, but Yoda's not even here.

Volume One of Return was ineligible for the Fan Film Awards, due to using some union actors, but it was shown as an "out of competition feature." Volume Two was eligible in 2007, due to a rules change, but it failed to win.

This is the stronger of the two Return episodes. DeeDee (the robot) is a nice counterpart for Stacy. It's a pity her part isn't bigger. The self-referential bits (e.g., "Guns on the front!") are also better than in the previous installment. Unfortunately, the pacing problem surfaces again. The Ewok scenes are both too long and show too little.

According to the official Pink Five site the concluding segment of Return, Volume Three, has been shot but has not been released online. A rough cut was shown at the Star Wars convention Celebration 4 in 2007, but it doesn't appear to have been seen anywhere else. Needless to say, I'll let you know when/if it shows up.


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