FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Papylon 9"

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It's our policy not to review Fan Films here on Republibot. We watch 'em, we promote 'em, we interview the people who make 'em, we scheme and furtively plot to make our own (But never actually do it), we frankly adore 'em, but we *do not* review them.

Why? Because these things are labors of love on the part of the people who make them. It seems wrong to judge them by the same 'good/bad' standards used for professional productions. Sure, a lot of 'em - most, maybe - are silly, or pointless, or even incoherent, but that's not really the point. As Clive Young pointed out in his book, and in our interview with him ( ) what's going on behind the camera is as important or more so than is going on in front of it. There's a self-reliance and DIY aspect of the subculture that is kind of inspiring to me: A person isn't getting what they need on an emotional level, so they build it themselves from the leftover bits of other people's universes.

That's beyond cool, that's neat!

Which brings us to this fanfilm, and explains why I'm *not* going to say anything about it by way of a review. I *will* say that I first heard of this thing a year or so after it was made. It was European, and hard to track down. A number of people I knew claimed to have seen it, claimed to have thought it was brilliant, claimed to have loved it. I'm not reviewing the film, of course, but I now wonder if perhaps these people were putting me on, or perhaps were simply heavy drinkers.

In any event, I'm including this here pretty much only because it took me eight years to finally track it down. Because I'm an idiot, basically.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

This concludes our B5 Fan Film coverage for the time being. Next week: Different crap!