FAN FILM FRIDAY: Interview with OneMinuteGalactica

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If you're a science fiction fan on the internet, odds are you've come across some of the many videos by OneMinuteGalactica. If you're merely on the internet, odds are you've come across this one.

Join me after the jump for an interview with the increasingly inaccurately named OneMinuteGalactica.


Church H. Tucker: OK, OMG (can I call you OMG?) I suppose I'll start with the obvious. What started you down the path of making your own videos, in terms of both technical and inspirational influences? When did you decide that you could do it, and when did you decide that you should do it?

OneMinuteGalactica: Sure, call me OMG. For better or worse, those are my initials.

My technical influence was getting a new Mac and experimenting with the iMovie that came with it. I had actually done a small bit of editing as a kid, with real film. (I was one of those weird kids who filmed sci-fi, horror and action movies in his back yard and in the woods.) After twenty years or more, I started getting back into it, except this time instead of using crappy footage I shot myself, I was fiddling around with real movies, re-editing them to try and make them funny. I had seen some of the re-edits people were doing on YouTube, like Darth Vader Being A Smartass, and thought it would be fun to try something like that.

CHT: Did you save any of your old films?

OMG: I've got them all stored in a box somewhere. Maybe I'll end up posting one on YouTube someday. These kind of kid-produced amateur productions seem to be catching on now. I saw the two Trek films you featured in Fan Film Friday. That's basically what I did, except we didn't have anything as fancy as sound. I would write narration or dialogue on a piece of construction paper and film it, when necessary. I even did my own Trek movie, although the whole thing, like most of those old movies, was more or less just an excuse to film fight scenes and stunts.

CHT: Of course. That's the fun part!

So you started doing the One Minute Galactica vids. What was the inspiration behind those?

OMG: Well, I always loved the old Battlestar Galactica, and somewhere I got it in my head to do a sixty-second recap of each of those old episodes and call it One Minute Galactica. Those were the very first things I posted at YouTube. I'd just flash a freeze-frame or a very quick video clip and basically speed through the whole episode, taking out the real sound and inserting my own stupid little voices and sound effects. I did several of those and then ended up taking them all down when I suddenly realized how potentially embarrassing they were.

Of course, when I started posting re-edits and mash-ups soon after that, I should have just registered a new YouTube handle, because the name OneMinuteGalactica makes absolutely no sense now, especially since a good portion of my videos are taken from the Star Wars movies. I imagine there might be a lot of people scratching their heads over that.

CHT: I'm sorry you took them down. It's interesting to see how people evolve. Besides, I actually enjoyed those.

So, then you went through a few fart jokes and came up with Gary the Cylon. What was going on there?

OMG: With Gary the Cylon I took old Galactica footage of Cylons, added my own robot voice, and created a Bender-like killer robot. It lasted for 24 episodes, the last three of which were helped along by a guy named Dale Long, who owns his own Cylon suit and volunteered to film something for me. So for a couple episodes I mixed in some live-action footage with the old TV footage. And one episode was completely all-new stuff. That one was a lot of fun, because Dale and his crew filmed from a script I wrote and I edited it together. That's the kind of stuff I wish I could do more of.

CHT: Those were quite funny. I hope you two can do more together.

Lately you've moved on to doing the Nerdy Instructional Films. What was the inspiration for those?

OMG: Somehow I stumbled across an old educational film made around 1950 called Dating Do's and Dont's. Because I've got mash-up potentials constantly on the brain, I instantly thought of using the narration and making What to Do on a Space Date, substituting Luke and Leia for the film's original teenage couple, Woody and Anne. The video and narration combined well enough that I knew I had to research some more old educational films and try to mash them up with other sci-fi/fantasy movies and TV shows. After several of those, I went back to Star Wars for The Worst Couple in the Universe in an attempt to bring things full circle, using Han and Leia as an example of a bickering married couple.

CHT: Your most popular vid has to be Existential Star Wars. There was a week where it seemed like every SF site on the net had it featured. Did you have any idea it would take off like that?

OMG: No, I can never tell if a new video will get 2,000 hits or 200,000. It was especially surreal when I saw that Roger Ebert had posted it on his Sun-Times journal. Plus, Alyssa Milano tweeted the link, and the whole reason I started making videos in the first place was due to my desperate attempt to someday get Alyssa Milano's attention.

CHT: Well, mission accomplished! Are you going to pack away your editing suite now?

OMG: No, I won't quit until I'm tweeted by Jodie Foster.

CHT: It's good to have goals. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Thanks for chatting with us.

OMG: Sure thing.


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