FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Doctor Who - Alternate Empire, Part 1"

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There are surprisingly fewer Doctor Who fan films than you'd expect. This is the first in our trilogy of "Alternate Empire" entries.

I'm not really sure why there are more Trek fan films than Who ones. Is it strictly a nationalistic phenomenon? Who is basically a British thing, so we tend to avoid it? Or perhaps the Brits are less likely to invest the time and money in doing something like this when they could be happy slapping and soccer-rioting?

It's an interesting thought, really: is there a difference in the national character that causes people to do or not do something?

In any event: Upon watching this for the first time, we all got into a huge debate about where this was filmed ("Spain" was the popular favorite, but tune in two weeks from now to find the answer) and that Caroline Morahan has great hair.