FAN FILM FRIDAY: "Babylon Park"

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I've long lamented the lack of any Babylon 5 fan films (Seriously, what's the deal there?) but that isn't strictly speaking true: There was a series of three films and maybe one spinoff called "Babylon Park." This was, obviously, a mashup of Babylon 5 and Southpark.

The second film in the series was called "Frightspace," and was a sendup of the "Thirdspace" TV movie. The third was called "Spoosade versus Forager," based on the failed B5 spinoff, Crusade, and Star Trek: Voyager. There was a vaguely-related not-quite-spinoff to Babylon Park that we'll see next week.

To be honest, I'm surprised by the lack of availability of these films. Actors from the show provided voices in "Frightspace," and Tom Smith wrote a song for "Spoosade," evidently a parody of Neil Diamond's "Solitary man." Yet neither of these are on Youtube, or anywhere else online that I can find.

If anyone has any info about those other films, please email me at