EPISODE REVIEW:FLASHFORWARD:"137 Sekunden" (Season one, Episode three)

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In Germany, Mark and Janis meet an old Nazi who claims he knows something about the blackout and make a leap of faith; Aaron makes another leap of faith and Demetri makes a third one. Everybody's leaping with varying degrees of success...

Read on for impressions, observations and random spoilage.

Rudolph Geyer saw something that will ensure his release from a prison in Munich...

Nicole (the babysitter) is still missing in action. Aaron, Mark's AA sponsor, comes to the house where Mark confides his worries to him.

Demitri tries to track down the woman who phoned in the tip about his murder while his fiance flies home with a nervous airline exec.

I'm afraid that Demetri's fiance saw the scattering of his ashes, and not their wedding....

Mark and Janis find that they may have to plea bargain with evil. Interesting that a Nazi would be such a student of Judaica. Why would a Gematriatic rendition of the word 'Kabbalah' have anything to do with the blackouts beside an odd coincidence regarding the number 137?

Magic? Mysticism? If this turns to urban fantasy, we may have to discontinue covering the series....

Aaron asks Mark a huge favor... and he doesn't play fair.

Demetri checks out Rudolph's story with the future customs agent that Rudolph sees in his flashforward. Jerome the friendly customs agent gives Demetri a chance to impact and change the future...

(An aside, although it's good to see Morena Baccarin in a genre show again, the ads for 'V' arent' lighting my fire....)

Janis and Mark have the shortest, most succinct and accurate discussion on faith I've ever heard. This is confirmed by his supervisor, who says that they are all living on faith these days.

Why would a murder of crows dying mean anything? And sometimes a leap of faith takes some time to develop.

Mark asks the question "How do you live in the 'now' anymore?"

"I can't think of a prophet that didn't suffer... and I can't think of a prophet that God didn't love"

Mark and Janis discover that the murder of crows has happened before-- with anecdotal evidence of a mass localized blackout

And FlashForward seems to have a flash back... In Somalia, there's a glowing spire and a lot of dead crows...

We now have one flashforward (Aaron's) that did NOT pan out. Demetri has the chance to make one invalid (and in doing so, throw a Nazi under a bus, figuratively speaking) It's interesting that an element of faith in the future has been introduced, as we have conflicting visions and visions that are increasingly unlikely. It is also evident that everybody is evaluating their future in light of their present; that emotional states are only partially revealed through their visions.

No progress on Agent Zero or D. Gibbons

I really feel for Aaron. Could he have flashforwarded to a dream?

What did you guys think of this one? It provided some answers, and raised even more questions...