EPISODE REVIEW: Young Justice: "Schooled" (Season 1 Episode5)

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A Metropolis bridge decides to spontaneously collapse- Bruce Wayne is at a branch office of Waynetech and spots it, but Superman is already on it.  Superboy tries to help… and connect … with his DNA donor, Superman.   Superman is "a prick" (Thanks for the term, Republibot 2.3….), and splits.

Bruce tells Superman that they need to talk.

Black Canary and J'Onn J'Onzz come down to the cave to begin YJ's training.  Superboy is angry- he believes that since he has superpowers, a non powered hero can't teach him combat.  She proves him wrong in short order.

Batman calls in to give YJ a mission- Amazo has just handed the League a heckuva fight, and they want YJ to guard the pieces as they are transported along separate routes.

Superboy and Robin are covering one of the trucks when they get a call from the others, covering the second truck: Flying Robot Monkeys have attacked the armored truck.  More soon arrive and YJ is soon in a battle to stop the F.R.M.'s from taking Amazo.

Well, that doesn't work out so well.  Superboy's lack of training and control betray him.  His temper causes him to go rogue.

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent have a talk where Bruce tells Clark that Superboy needs his father.  This really ticks Clark off, displaying yet one more thing he and his clone have in common- temper and authority issues.

Superboy catches up with Amazo's inventor, Professor Ivo.  I learn that I'm misspelling M.O.N.Q.I.  Superboy smashes some M.O.N.Q.I.s, but Amazo wakes up, and he has the powers of the Justice League.

He uses a lot of them, while announcing them loudly, beating Superboy to a pulp.  Robin and Kid Flash rush to his aid, and are getting their heads handed to them.  Through teamwork and analysis of the android Amazo's patterns, they hand Amazo HIS head.

Back at the cave,  Batman, Green Arrow, Red Tornado and Black Canary congratulate them on their victory, but Robin is irritated.  He found an arrow at the fight, and accuses the League of babysitting them.  The arrow does not match Green Arrows, so they assume that it's Speedy watching their backs.

Superboy asks Black Canary for training.


This show has a sense of fun coupled with a chunk of action- we got nods tonight to the 60's Batman show (The bust of Shakespeare on Bruce's desk), The desserts that Bruce and Clark order in the diner (Devil's Food Cake and Apple Pie), Robin's continual dismantling of the English language…. in just a handful of episodes, this show has carved out a great sandbox, and I really want to see where they go next.

I do think that Superboy's character arc in this outing was a bit abrupt.  There wasn't much time to work with,  but his temper and disdain for Black Canary probably shouldn't have turned around that fast.

Since the opening credits feature a female archer, I doubt that Speedy is watching their backs.


Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

With values such as preparation, training and respect; and taking responsibility for your genetic material…. this is a show I can get behind.