EPISODE REVIEW: Young Justice: Infiltrator (Season 1, Episode 6)

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Speedy… oops… Red Arrow rescues a scientist held by the League of Shadows.  He brings Young Justice in on the mission, and leaves in a huff, again.  The huff might have something to do with the fact that Green Arrow has brought his new portage, Artemis, to Justice Mountain.  Needless to say, the team welcomes her immediately, if by welcome you mean 'ridicules' and 'demeans'.

The team tries to stealthily hide the doctor from the League of Shadows while she tries to deactivate the nanite fog she invented.  Cheshire (an assassin for the League) seems to have a link with Artemis of some kind.    The team fights a rolling battle, with feints and double tracks a plenty, and finally buy enough time for the scientist to write her anti-nanite virus. 

Artemis confronts Cheshire on the street, where Cheshire is unmasked and it's…. someone Artemis recognizes. (I could wager a guess, but I'm not going to…). Artemis lets her get away, mainly because under interrogation, she'd give up Artemis' secrets.

Speedy… urp.  Red Arrow confronts Artemis in an alley, and tells her that he knows  that she's obviously not Ollie's niece (as they claimed),  but if Green Arrow and Batman vouched for her, Red Arrow won't rat her out.

The head of the League of Shadows (Is that Ras Al Ghul?) is conferring with the Light, and mentions that they have someone on the inside- a mole- inside of Young Justice.


Robin's new word of the day: Outfiltrator

Yet another great episode- the telepathic interplay between the team while they were being 'stealthy'  was hilarious.  The team bickering  silently was priceless, and the fact that they kept forgetting (or selectively remembering) that they were all linked emphasized their developing relationships.

Artemis is interesting.  She's far too good to be a new sidekick, as Green Arrow and Batman claim.  She has secrets, but it would be far too obvious for her to be the Light's mole.  I'm thinking that she was the one watching Young Justice a couple of weeks ago, and Green Arrow and Batman flushed her out.  She may be the mole… or more likely a double agent.  In any case, the overarching plot just got another wrinkle.

I know I should probably know all the minor villains the League of Shadows used tonight, but I'm afraid that between character redesigns and my own addlepatedness of late, I couldn't quite identify them.   If you can, do so below!

Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

The perils of nanotechnology and more conspiracy stuff?  Naturally!