EPISODE REVIEW: Warehouse 13: "13.1" (Season 2 Episode 5)

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It’s here the episode we have all been waiting for the Eureka Warehouse crossover. (Well those of us without a life anyway.)

SPOILERS to left of me SPOILERS to the right.

The episode starts with Claudia and Todd necking on the sofa in the boardinghouse. Claudia can’t get into it because she is too jazzed about the new computer system being installed today from Global Dynamics (Eureka) which thrills Todd to no end but they make a lunch date as Claudia runs out the door.

At the Warehouse Artie is complaining and getting ready to murder Fargo from Eureka who has a mass of wires coming out of the ceiling. Myka and Pete do rock paper scissors; Pete looses and has to help a mumbling Artie from the room.

Fargo now on the Warehouse main floor is soldering something in a big open bay in the floor and drops his gizmo. Claudia comes up from behind him and using Ben Franklin’s ring causes her hand to glow and retrieves the gizmo after some technobabble there is magic in the air between Claudia and Fargo.

Back in the office Fargo shuts down the Warehouse systems, all the lights go out his new systems boots to a blinking curser. (I hate when that happens.) Artie asks what did you do and a voice announces that a catastrophic failure is detected and waist high poles with red lights start popping out of the floor Claudia states “Not Good.”.

Back from the Title sequence and Artie is belittling Fargo and Claudia takes over the keyboard and discovers that the control is not in the office. A voice states “all systems operating within parameters”. Artie recognizes the voice as Hugo Miller’s and leads our heroes to a 1970’s computer room with vector graphic monitors (did I just date myself?) and old board games. In the room Artie tells how Miller is retired and might have had a nervous breakdown. He also tells how Miller spent years integrating the Warehouse systems. Pete has a semi funny line about “Ten years in a windowless room playing games with HAL - what can go wrong?”

Artie remembers that Miller is in a town 2 hours away and Myka and Pete go there to see the man. Turns out he is in a sanitarium and while waiting to be let in to see the Miller Myka points out all the ex-agents are either crazy, dead or evil. Miller is in a room and not playing with a full deck he talks about spinning lights and dancing while he is drawing a childlike cat face.

Pete says “All system operating within parameters.” And Miller replies “The fail safe system is on line.” Or something like that so Myka and Pete now know that someone is home, he is just not 100%. They tell Miller they are going to take him back to the Warehouse, Miller asks if they can get ice cream and then hugs Pete and gets his tesla and shoots Myka and Pete. Miller is last seen skipping and laughing out the front door of the sanitarium.

Back at the Warehouse the failsafe system downloads all the Warehouse files and a hologram of Miller from the 70’s appears and tells Artie he is Hugo One. After a time and a few snide remarks to Claudia, Hugo One tells Artie that the failure was caused by the Warehouse personnel and locks down the Warehouse.

Meanwhile Myka and Pete find Miller at a merry-go-round. Miller says it worked last time. Myka and Pete tell him he has to help them to shut down the system and he says he needs the spinning and dancing.

While driving back to the Warehouse Myka sees in Miller’s file that a MRI shows half his brain is not working. Miller states he has a tear and Myka knows that means he need to go to the bathroom.

At the Warehouse Hugo One tells Artie that it is going to start a “Falcon Snow” or something like that which means it’s going to freeze the Warehouse. Artie takes Claudia and Fargo to an artifact and hands then stones which are Babble stones and to understand a person holding one you need to have one too. Artie explains this is so Hugo One can not understand what they are saying.

While in an ice cream shop Myka calls on the Farnsworth and tell Artie about Millers brain. Artie holds up a written message that Pete - like a dumb sh!t - reads out loud, so Hugo One now knows they are bring Miller to the Warehouse. Hugo One activates some spider bots that Fargo brought with him and then downloads pictures of Myka and Pete.

Artie tells Claudia and Fargo to go to the aisle where Miller was found when he collapsed while he goes to talk to Hugo One. At the same time as Myka Pete and Miller are walking out of the ice cream store an APB wanted poster is flashed on the TV and the clerk sees it.

The clerk plays hero and stops Myka and Pete using a double-barreled shotgun. Miller distracts him with a leaky soda can and Myka kicks the clerk into next week.

After Claudia tells Fargo she likes Todd but wishes she had a boyfriend in the know like Fargo, she knocks a Zoetrope off a shelf and Fargo catches it. Fargo - like a dope - spins the Zoetrope and a green light shines on him while a couple dances. Claudia grabs Fargo and looks into the Zoetrope and starts to see what’s in Fargo’s mind. Claudia breaks away and stops the Zoetrope just as Fargo’s spider bots come to attack them.

After a little 'oh no,' Fargo has Claudia put Franklin’s ring on his laser solder gun and now he has a light saber (oh come on) and he plays Jedi for a few minutes. Claudia kisses Fargo then tells him sorry but I like Todd. Fargo laments that this is way Jedi turn to the dark side.

Artie goes to the computer lab and talks Hugo One into playing a game of Battleship. Artie wins and tells Hugo One he cheated and he thinks that the computer has half of Millers mind and it should let Miller into the Warehouse. At this moment Hugo One is shooting a laser at Myka, Pete and Miller at the entrance to the Warehouse.

Claudia and Fargo come in with the Zoetrope and explain what it does; Artie realizes that it’s not a copy of Miller but half of Miller’s mind in the computer. Artie tries to talk the computer into letting Miller in so the can fix the problem, but the computer wants Miller’s remaining mind transferred into it. After some give and take, Artie agrees and Hugo One lets Miller, Pete and Myka into the Warehouse.

Once in the gang tries to stop Hugo One which attacks Pete with a spiderbot Artie starts the transfer. After a minute the computer shuts down Artie reverses the Zoetrope returning Miller’s mind and Claudia disconnects Hugo One from the Warehouse systems.

After realizing its thirty years later Miller decides to go to Eureka with Fargo. Claudia meets Todd who breaks up with her.

The End


This was a well-written episode; too bad it was another story from Star Trek TOS with Miller using an artifact to transfer his mind to the computer instead of pressing his engrams on to computer circuits.

The computer lab looked authentic with its '70s computer equipment but how come there never is a main breaker someone can turn off?

I guess Todd breaking up with Claudia is so she can hookup with Fargo this Friday in the Eureka crossover when she goes there. I do not see why they even bothered with the whole Todd mini-arc.

The show is solid and entertaining but far from a classic must see.