EPISODE REVIEW: Torchwood Miracle Day: "End Of The Road" (Season 4, Episode 8)

Charles H
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Some forward momentum and some answers start to form.

Picking up right where the last episode ended, Jack, Gwen, Rex, and Esther are with Olivia Colasanto and are headed back to Angelo Colasanto’s house. They go into Angelo’s room. He is very old and lays in a hospital bed. Olivia says Angelo prolonged his life by lowering his body temperature, keeping a low blood pressure, etc. She tells them that Angelo observed Jack from a far ever since they departed in 1928. As they are visiting Angelo, Esther is listening and recording the entire conversation.

Olivia tells Jack and Co about the 3 men that stood in front of Jack when he was being murdered over and over. They agreed to a partnership between the families to purchase immortality. The three families find “the Blessing” which has something to do with miracle day. The families would not include Angelo because of his relationship with Jack.

CIA director Freidkin and several agents storm in and capture Esther, Rex and the rest. Freidkin takes Rex aside and spills the beans as he prepares to turn Rex into a category one. He says he did it for the family. Rex has the contact lenses from Torchwood in and the entire conversation is broadcast. The CIA with head director Shapiro (John de Lancie) arrest Freidkin. Rex has planned the whole thing.

Jack and Angelo get a minute alone. While Jack talks to Angelo, Angelo goes into arrest and then stops. Jack scans him. Angelo is dead, really dead.

The team begins looking into the families. The three families are Ablemarch, Costerdane and Frines. They can find nothing. It is as if the families don’t exist.

Freidkin, Olivia and a CIA agent are in an SUV. Freidkin says he did it for the family and that you can’t turn them down. He wished he could this time. He then blows himself up.

Oswald and Jilly are at a hotel. They are preparing Oswald for a sold out show in Dallas. Oswald doesn’t want to prepare and demands that Jilly gets him a girl. As Oswald says, “Legal age.” And a girl with red hair.

Jilly gets an assistant. The assistant is a plant by the CIA.

Esther talks to her sister. Esther tells her sister she is working to help her. The sister says she is thinking of volunteering to become a category 1.

Gwen talks to Rhys and her mom. They are ok. Gwen’s mom tells her to go get them.

Esther notices something strange about the floor. She thinks something is underneath. Jack tells her not to say anything but she tells Shapiro. They remove the floor boards and find a panel of alien technology. Jack won’t reveal any information. Shapiro decides to separate Jack and Gwen. He deports Gwen and holds Jack.

Jack finally says it must have something to do with morphic fields. He says the panel is a “null field.” It can be used to hide things. It is what allowed Angelo to die. It could be very dangerous.

A prostitute comes to Oswald’s hotel room. She is ready to go to work but Oswald wants to talk and have a ‘date.’ She can’t handle that ‘normalcy’ with him and tells him he will be a category zero.

Oswald goes to Jilly demanding to know what a category zero is. She tells him it is people that deserve to go into the incinerators, people that would have been given the death penalty before, people like him. Oswald smacks her around and leaves.

If you are within the panel on the floor, people outside can’t hear you. Jack uses it to convince Esther and Rex to help him escape and find some answers.

Jilly and her assistant head for the elevator. Just then a blond man steps out. The assistant gets on and holds the elevator. The blond man whispers to Jilly that she is being followed by the CIA. He then shoots the assistant. The man works for the family. He asks Jilly if she wants a promotion. She asks with PhiCorp. He tells her it is much bigger than that. He talks to someone on the phone. He is talking to CIA analyst, and dirty traitor, Charlotte Willis.

Rex and Esther decide to help Jack. They plan to say he got the jump on them and escaped. As they try to get him out Esther is seen and Jack is shot. They throw Jack in the back of an SUV and Esther drives off.


- John de Lancie, Q from Star Trek: TNG / DS9 / Voyager, was wonderful.
- John’s Trek alum, Nana Visitor, is now a category 1.
- Rex – “You're telling me the whole world got screwed up because two gay guys had a hissy fit?”
- A consequence of the miracle, cancer cells are no longer immortal.
- The stock market is crashing, the EU is going bankrupt, and there is economic chaos everywhere. If it wasn’t for the Starz logo, I would have thought I was watching the news.