EPISODE REVIEW: Torchwood Miracle Day: “The Gathering” (Season 4, Episode 9)

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The penultimate episode of Miracle day and the team deals with the devil and travels to the ends of the earth.

It has been two months since the last episode. The world is in a depression. A car smashes into a pharmacy. It is Gwen Cooper. She gets out and robs the store of a lot of drugs. She returns home and is being watched. She goes into the house with pizza boxes. They assume she is just out for pizza. Gwen has the drugs in the pizza boxes and evidently she and Rhys are the neighborhood drug dealers. They take medicine down in the basement to her father, who they are hiding.

Esther is hiding out in Scotland with Jack. She is nursing him back to health.

At the CIA, Rex has a lead. He finds a news article about the show of a man being killed and coming back to life. The other agents say yes bit that it doesn’t lead anywhere. All of the leads to the families have come up empty. Rex says to look into the fiction. He finds a story, from the 30s, that has five similar points to Jack’s story. The family of the man that wrote the story lived in New York at the time. The man and the family disappear after that. However, there was a brother that was murdered and the case was never solved. The evidence was still on file including the bloody knife and DNA. Charlotte, the trader CIA analyst, offers to send out the knife for DNA testing.

Jilly meets with the man that gave her the job. She says she is tired of running errands for Harry Bosco. He gives her a one way ticket to Shanghai. He says she is going to meet the families and the blessing.

The police and a government agent knock on Gwen’s door. After she hides things away, the police search the house for a category 1. They can’t find the father. As the police leave, the agent says her father is unaccounted for and he will continue until he finds him.

Charlotte tells Rex the DNA tests come back inconclusive. He asks her to send the story they found to him.

A delivery man enters Gwen’s house. When she turns around, she sees that it is Oswald Danes. Gwen and Rhys start to beat the snot out of Oswald. He says he has the name of the man who created the Miracle. He went through a lot to find Gwen and he wants to see Jack,

Rex tells Shapiro he believes that someone close to them is a mole. Rex did some investigating and found stories similar to the one written in the 30s. The stories were written all across the globe. Shapiro says is it going to be difficult to follow those leads as the US is considering closing the borders as China has already done.

Gwen calls the man that has been watching her. She tells him that he can’t get Jack. The man turns around and there is Jack with a gun. The man can either drink a liquid to make him forget or Jack can blow off the top part of his head. The man chooses to drink.

Jack, Gwen, and Esther interrogate Oswald. They want information or they will call the police. Oswald says Jack had previously asked him for help and that there is something in the basement they don’t want noticed and he doesn’t think they will be so quick to call the police. Oswald tells them he was following Jilly on her laptop. As of yesterday, Jilly no longer exists.

They start to get aggravated with Oswald and demand to know the man’s name. He tells them it is Harry Bosco. Esther says that was the name of a PR man during the Vietnam War who changed translations slightly to alter the meaning. For example, using victims instead of bodies. They find a video she altered of a Chinese man that was burned and in a hospital. It was changed from one form of Chinese to another and then into English. They get Rex on the phone and he offers to help with the real translation.

Jilly arrives in China and meets a man. He tells her about the families, one took over politics, one took over finance, and one takes over media. She asks what they need her for. They need her to write history. He says that she will be taken to the Blessing.

Rex gets the real translation of the video from China. The man had tried to burn down a blood bank but it was “The Blessing that saved me.” They find that at the same time the man in China burned the blood bank a man in Buenos Aries tried to do the same thing. Buenos Aries and Shanghai are on exact opposite sides of the earth. The PhiCorp logo is a circle with a line straight through it.

The police storm into Gwen’s house with a thermal imaging app. They find her father and take him. Jack asks Gwen what she wants to do. She says go to Shanghai and end this. Oswald blackmails them into taking him a long.

Rex tells Shapiro he needs to go off grid. He will be in contact only if he needs back up and only at the last minute.

Jack, Gwen, and Oswald sneak there way into China. Esther meets Rex in Buenos Aries. Charlotte discovers that Rex went to Buenos Aries. She gets her phone and a triangle appears on it.

Jilly is taken to the blessing by a woman, a member of the families. She tells Jilly that the blessing shows you to yourself. Jilly stares into the blessing, which looks like a sentient giant pink fissure in the earth. Jilly asks how far it goes. The woman says that it goes all the way through the earth. The woman asks Jilly what she sees. She sees she was right.

Gwen and Esther update each other. Gwen tells her to take care of the weapon, Jack’s blood. Gwen notices Jack is hurting. She removes his bandage and a drop of his blood falls to the floor. The blood rolls across the floor and heads towards the Miracle.

Random Observations:

- Only one episode left.
- There are still a lot of questions to answer to be this far into the story. Who was the spy across the street? How does the blessing cause everyone but Jack to be immortal? What happened to the assassin that tried to kill Jack? Does incineration truly kill a person?
- We shall see if all of these questions get answered.

Will conservatives like this?

No, the government determines life or death. Too many conspiracies.