EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Icarus" (Season 10, Episode 11)

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Hawkman and Stargirl return to Smallville this week; could the title be about a Hawkman who flew too close to the sun, or is this episode about something else entirely?

Read on!


Clark tries his best to make a romantic evening with Lois, in spite of the anti-hero curfews, and a slightly uncooperative Lois. He finally runs off, creates a snowfall made of flower petals, takes a knee and asks Lois to marry him. Lois accepts.

The Daily Planet now has metal detectors and guards. None of them notice Lois' engagement ring, to her chagrin. She gets a card from Chloe that triggers a flashback (one I don't recall happening, but has some Fate overtones).

Lois and Clark show up at the Watchtower to a surprise party featuring a good chunk of the Justice League. Carter (Hawkman) Hall and Ollie Queen actually agree about the 'rightness' of Lois and Clark.

On the way home, Ollie gets mobbed by a crowd when he tries to stop a mugger. Courtney (Stargirl) and Carter intervene and teleport Oliver out of danger, but it is obviously a bad time to be a hero in Metropolis.

Bit by bit, the civilians that support the Justice League (Tess, Dr. Hamilton) are being rounded up.

Clark and the others discover that Slade is still alive (a press conference tends to do that) and figure out that they are seriously being hunted. To protect what remains, they shut down Watchtower.

Lois is detained with the others (with the unfortunate addition of Cat Grant). Interrogations begin.

In a comedic bit, Clark, Carter and Oliver all end up breaking into Slade's office separately. Then they go and start discussing the Darkness. Carter says that whenever it has risen before, a brighter force has risen to fight it.

Lois finds a way to escape, but runs into Cat. She convinces Cat not to turn her in. Meanwhile, Carter and Ollie figure out that every security camera in the city has been folded into Slade's Operation Icarus.

Lois is in Ollie's office, when she is confronted by Slade. He puts a gun to her forehead and begins to squeeze the trigger but manages to buy herself enough time to allow Hawkman to burst through the window and save her (in awesome fashion). A battle ensues, and Hawkman outfights Slade, but Slade shows superhuman abilities and puts a sword through Hawkman's back. An explosion separates Carter from Slade at the last minute, but it blows Lois out of the window. Carter, mortally wounded, plunges after her, wings afire.

Clark shows up at the loading dock. Slade has made his way out of the building, parts of him are still smoking. He tells Clark that Carter and Lois are dead. Clark asks him how he survived- Slade responds that he is now beyond 'Death's Stroke'. Clark quickly zaps 'Deathstroke' into the Phantom Zone, and then runs to find a pile of feathers. Carter unfurls his wings, and reveals Lois, who he managed to save. He is dying though he admits he's had practice at it. He's glad to return to Shayera, but is disappointed that he won't be around to fight the Darkness. Lois and Clark watch as Carter breathes his last.

Stargirl, Clark, Lois, Black Canary and Green Arrow carry Carter's body to his tomb in Egypt. As they lay him to rest beside his wife, a white pyramid emerges from the sand and sends out a blast of energy that knocks all the heroes out.


Wow. They just killed Hawkman. Spectacularly, Heroically… dead. The fight scene with Slade was dramatic and violent… I mean, Hawkman buried his mace in Slade's back, Slade got even by running Hawkman through.

Isn't it typical that once they got the wing effects to the point where they looked really cool that they go and off Hawkman? Oh well. He has this nasty habit of coming back.

Black Canary made a return this episode- I was afraid that she'd be consigned to video screens for the remainder of the series. Alaina Huffman, who plays Canary, recently had a baby, which is why she's been on video the few times we've seen her lately. But she was back, wearing fishnets to a funeral, in true Canary style. I hope we see more of her soon.

The white pyramid is a bit of a mystery- but I bet it's a sign that Metron is about to show up.

Things have gotten really bad in Metropolis. I doubt that the disappearance of Slade will make anything better.

It was good to see Chloe again. She's getting more and more Dr. Fate-ish as time goes on. Even though we only saw her in a faux-flashback, it worked well.

As usual, the interplay between Green Arrow and Hawkman was witty, not quite Whedonesque, but pretty darn good anyway.

In the character development department, we at least saw Cat Grant make some steps forward, and Dr. Hamilton actually showed some depth this time through.

I really enjoyed the surprise engagement party. It was nice, as Lois said, to be around people among who there were no secrets.

Well, that's it for Smallville until January. I'll have a 'Season so far' piece up in a week or two.