EPISODE REVIEW: SMALLVILLE: "Dominion": (Season 10, Episode 19)

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While unpacking Lois' stuff and arranging such things as her Whitesnake throw pillow, Clark gets an emergency Skype from Tess- Slade "Terminator" Wilson was found on a street corner. This would not be that big a deal, except that Clark sent ol' One Eye into the Phantom zone. Only members of the House of El (as in Jor-El, Kal-El, Zor-El, Harlan-El) can operate the key. So to investigate, Clark and Ollie dive in to the Zone.

Once in, they find skulls on pikes, some of them with the Darkseid Omegas burned into them. They find the gate crystal missing… they're only way out. They're attacked and brought before Zod, who tells them to kneel.

Of course.

Zod has merged with a version of Zod that was already in the Zone. Clark realizes that Slade was bait in a trap. Zod was able to activate the crystal because of the blood that Clark used to heal him last season. Zod drags Clark to a Phantom Zone fight club. Clark is thrown in the arena, where he fights someone to the pain. Problem is, it's supposed to be a fight to the death. Zod finishes off Clark's victim.

Meanwhile back at the Watchtower-Lois and Tess are trying to figure out the way to get Clark and Ollie out of the Zone, but Lois discovers that Tess is going to blow the gateway. It's actually Clark's plan, but Lois is not even close to being okay with it.

Zod speechifies to Ollie- Darkseid has touched him, asking him to take care of his Darkseid problem. Ollie has been touched too, so Zod's speech falls on not-quite-deaf ears. We're looking at the Last Temptation of Green Arrow. It looks like Ollie is joining with Zod.

Ollie and Clark fight it out in the arena. Ollie is much better at this sort of thing and after a 300esque fight, beats Clark, stabbing him through the ribcage. Zod decides he wants to kill Clark himself, which triggers the hero's plan. Clark grabs the crystal while Ollie stops Zod's killing blow. On their way out of the Zone, Clark crushes the crystal, thus destroying the only way out.

Back home, Ollie makes a token attempt to tell Clark that he's been touched by the Darkness (Not this one), but doesn't.

Clark runs home (literally) and into Lois' arms. He finds that a month has passed in the few hours that Ollie and he were in the Zone. He also finds that Lois hasn't postponed the wedding- an act of faith.

Ollie and Tess have put enough of Hawkman's notes together to find the Bow of Orion. Ollie is going on a quest, but the Darkness still has a hold on him….


Not a lot to comment on tonight. The acting was uniformly good, but we've come to expect that now. The direction worked, mostly- I'm not as enamored of the whole slow motion, CGI blood droplets routine as the director (Justin "Green Arrow" Hartley) and editor are, apparently.

This brings Zod's arc to a close- banished to the Phantom Zone by the Kandorians and locked away forever by Clark. It's a fitting coda to Zod's story, and it ends, fittingly, with the spinning Phantom Zone crystal heading out into deep space- Zod screaming in impotent rage.

We'll see if Ollie can pull out of his Darkseid inspired tailspin.

Next episode- Wedding, maybe? Granny Goodness- definitely.

Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

No reason not to… and some good CGI blood for those who like Spartacus: Blood and Sand but don't like all the nekkidness.