EPISODE REVIEW: Outcasts: “Episode 4” (Episode 4)

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Narrative sequence? Never heard of it!

I was reviewing this already-dead show, then missed three episodes, caught up with one of ‘em yesterday, watched the current one last night, and I watched another one I missed today.

Inconvenient and frustrating, I know, but it’s not like you fine folks are paying for this.


There was a big storm and the baby was given back to the Rude Boys, and I started calling the clones “The Rude Boys” and I started calling the Xps “The Angry Stomping Bush-Crappers” for reasons of boredom and hilarity. Julius wa…wait a minute, why recap that when my fingers are still tired from typing it out the first time? Just go here and read it, ya’ lazy jerks!


A burly black dude named “Elijah” turns up at the front gate. They take him into custody, and, yup, he’s one of The Rude Boys. They hold him in a cell, and all goes well until he sees Tate, then goes bat guano and breaks out. Starbuck and Apollo - excuse me, “Fleur and Cass” - give chase, during which he beats a woman who tried to help him half to death. He escapes by jumping across an alleyway, and Fleur tries to do likewise, but she pulls a Dekard and ends up hanging off the ledge by her fingertips a kerjillion feet up. Then Elijah pulls a Roy and saves her life. They continue to act out Blade Runner for a while, and presently she and Cass decide to help the guy go. Fleur goes out to get Rudy for help, and Cass gets beaten up by Elijah when he gets spooked by a storm. Cass just shakes it off, though.

Fleur sneaks Rudy in - how? Why? - and they go to sneak Elijah out, but Cass betrays them in everyone’s best interests, by having all the cops and Stomping Bush Crapper Army laying in wait. Firefight ensues, and Jack betrays Cass by shooting Elijah.

Everyone is pretty upset, and Rudy gets away (How?)

MEANWHILE, the whole ‘bonding’ thing between Boss Cop Lady and her daughter didn’t really pan out, so she deliberately screws over her mom by giving secret information to Tipper to broadcast over the air. Boss Cop Lady shows up and starts to break Tipper’s records until he comes clean. Boss Cop Lady confronts her daughter, and the daughter effortlessly puts her in tears, then moves out and shacks up with Tipper.

MEANWHILE, Julius tries to make an alliance with the woman who got injured, but she refuses and he calls her a “Stupid woman” to her face. He tries to powerbroker Tate, who is unexpectedly backed up by Cass, and that fails. He strikes up an alliance with Jack, and that works.

MEANWHILE, Jack’s people dig up a fossil jawbone in the wilderness, tens of thousands of years old. It is unquestionably human.

MEANWHILE, Tate is outside the walls at night, and is approached by the apparitions of his children

The End.


A future episode revolves entirely around one of the apparitions infiltrating the town, Tipper breaks his own records, and Jack sends out a party to assassinate Rudy. Tate will simply refuse to deal with the mysterious dopplegangers and apparitions.


We’re told the experimentation on Elijah was done to reduce fear and stuff, and make him a better slave in dangerous conditions. This doesn’t make much sense. I mean, they built the replicants in the first place, right? We’ve seen they’ve got advanced genetic engineering abilities, so why not just build the clones to order from scratch? “Well we need someone fearless, who’s good with a pickaxe, and better throw in some extra arms too. Oh, and we’ll need sexworkers…pretty ones, this time!”

This is the second time we’ve seen a Rude Boy acting in a somewhat child-like fashion. They were ‘born’ as adults, after all, so they’re not terribly emotionally mature. The oldest of them are only 9 or 10.

How long has Tate been sneaking out to commune with the ghosts of his kids?

I really do think walking in on the conversation between Julius and Tate was what made Cass decide to betray Fleur. I think if he’d gotten there a minute earlier, or later, the whole thing would have gone down differently.

Why did Jack kill Elijah? He wasn’t working under any conspiratorial orders yet. Was he just a jerk? Was it a last-chance thing he hadn’t intended to do until all heck broke loose?

This episode is really well directed, particularly the assault scenes, which all happen inside a jump cut. We don’t see what happens, just the setup, and abruptly what happened afterwards. It’s really cool, and undlines Elijah’s mental illness well.

Again: Tate’s a bad leader. No two ways about it. It’s interesting to me that we’re supposed to think he’s a good one, and maybe from an English perspective he is, but in the US this kind of thing doesn’t play.

The first man on Carpathia was named “Patrick.”

“I know you Julius, you wouldn’t offer to help anyone unless you expect to get something in return.” What? Three weeks ago, they were happy to get him, and going on about how he helped organize the evacuation from earth. What? They knew he was a selfish bastard all along? This is the first we’ve heard of it.

Is Elijah psychic? One scene at the end seems to imply he is, as a result of the experimentation on him.


I guess, but only barely, and probably only because of its positive portrayal of cops.