Episode Review: LOST: The Variable

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On this, Republibotlet 2.2's birthday, I saw the most horrific thing I've ever seen a mother do to a son-- and quite a bit more.

Spoilers, ho!

Unfortunately, I may've missed a few things, so I'm counting on you folks to fill me in.

When I got the TV turned on after the mandatory 15 minutes of deguassing that the equipment requires after a presidential 'news conference', I saw that the Oceanic however-many were having a confab in Sawyer's cottage. Oh yeah... Daniel was trying to convince Dr. Chang to stop drilling for chronotons.

Daniel crashes the party and tells them that he wants his mommy. So Kate and Jack, who both have parenting issues, take Dan out to the jungle to see Eloise. Needless to say, they botch it, causing more grief to befall Sawyer (who was perfectly happy being Mr. Dharma, 1977).

Back in the parallel subjective timelines, we saw Penny talk with Dan's mom in the hospital- apparently Ben's bullet hurt Des a bit more than we thought (?????). Eloise said that from here on out, she doesn't know what's going to happen next. Well, Des is okay, Eloise leaves and runs into Widmore in the car park. We then learn that Daniel is also Widmore's son.

Somewhere in there, Eloise gives Daniel a journal as a gift on his achieving his doctorate, and we also see Daniel in the throes of his own time illness.

In the end, we see Daniel die by his own mother's hand, as Sawyer's team gets busted...

Eloise Hawking knew from before Daniel's birth that she'd be the one to put a bullet through his heart. The horror isn't in the shooting itself, but of her raising Daniel only to send him off to die, knowing full well what would happen. She obviously reads and understands Daniels journal and travails through time- and uses the info (as does Widmore, I assume) to amass the resources necessary to begin this circular journey.

How much of this horror did Widmore know?

So Daniel thinks he can counteract the accident that made 'the Hatch' necessary by dropping an H-Bomb into it. I don't quite understand the logic (or physics) here, but it would fit. He explains that in doing so, Oceanic 815 would never drop out of the sky, and the timeline and island would go their merry ways. Kate seems to realize that may not be a good thing, but doesn't mention it yet....

Next week- looks like much higgaldy piggaldy.