Episode Review: LOST: "Lighthouse" (Season 6, Episode 5)

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Last week, Smokey McLocke brought Sawyer over to the dark side (not that it was a long trip…)  Who will be his next victim?

Well, we don't find out this week.  We do find out one of his PREVIOUS seductions, though.


More elliptical references after the jump.


Play by Play


2004 Timeline


Jack is late to pick up his son, David (David Shephard?  Really?)(???) from school because he is busy inspecting an appendectomy scar that he doesn't remember.  His Mom is having trouble finding Christian's will, so Jack runs over to help.  After this,  Jack tries to find David,  who is apparently a rather talented classical pianist.  After finding David at a recital, Jack actually avoids a parenting mistake his father made.


2007 Timeline


Hurley is visited by Jacob- naturally there's a mission.  He drags Jack back to the caves that they lived in when they first arrived at the island, then to a lighthouse where Jack sees a vision and goes typically Jack-ass due to a profound lack of patience.  Jacob is nonplussed over the destruction of his scrying tools, the whole trip was a diversion. 


Jin is rescued by Claire, but is in bad shape.  Claire isn't much better.  She's Rousseau crazy, with a lot of the same traits- missing kid, temper control issues, tendencies toward killing The Others.  She also has a friend.....




Jack may be hazy on his appendectomy, but we remember it- Juliet performed it back in season 4.  His mom remembers it as a childhood incident… so which is it?  He seems to be hazy on the details of his own life. This may give credence to the theory espoused last week by our very own Republibot 3.0, that this is not a parallel timeline so much as it is a time displaced continuation of their subjective timelines.  I don't think I buy that,  I still think it's a superposition of one timeline on top of another (sorry for the redundancy… (grin)) Too much had to happen prior to 2004 for this to be a subjective continuation.  It's pretty obvious that the timeline divergence is supposed to be in 1977, but Sawyer's Jacob visitation occurred prior to 1977…. so perhaps the split occurred at some unknown earlier time.


Either way, in the 2007 timeline, Jack knows that Jacob was watching… and the mechanism by which he was observed was fascinating.  What I want to know (and never will) is what would've happened had Hurley actually gotten to 108 degrees with the mirror array?  Since 108 is the sum of The Numbers, would Jack and Hurley have seen a vision of all of the candidates together, kind of glow-y, like at the end of "Return of the Jedi"?


Okay, it's pretty clear that the Others are right about Claire-- she is very, very messed up.  If Sayid is one eighth of the monster that Claire has become, it's bad news for the remaining Losties.  And Jin has saddled up a tornado.  It may have worked for Pecos Bill, but I don't know if it will for Mr. Kwon.   Does Smokey know for sure which Kwon is the real candidate?  This could very well be a head-fake by Jacob.



 Just remember, no one wins in a head butt.