EPISODE REVIEW: Iron Man: Armored Adventures: “Technovore” (Episode 19)

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A slightly better-than-average episode that deviates from the established format somewhat, but still doesn’t manage to rid me of the ennui I’m feeling about this whole series.


Technvore, the virus that Tony invented to take down Pegasus a few episodes back, returns, inexplicably in the guise of a monster, and scares everyone out of the Pegasus Project facility. Meanwhile, a SHIELD agent who sounds like Natasha Fatale, but has an English surname, shows up and requests Tony’s aid in fixing the Helicarrier’s engines, which are failing. He agrees if he can take Pepper along, since she’s mad at him, but has a thing for SHIELD. They agree. Rhodie stays behind, however, so that plot complications can ensue.

While Tony’s on the carrier fixing the engines, he discovers that (A) the living laser is dying, and (B) that his dad made the helicarrier’s weapons systems, despite always telling Tony that weapons are bad n’stuff. On the ground, Rhodie gets the call that a doins’ is transpiring’ at the ol’ Pegasus place, and he decides to take the Iron Man armor himself and go. There he gets attached by Technovore. Technovore ingests some of the armor, and then calls Tony himself, trying to find the meal now that the appetizer is done. Tony proclaims the engine repairs to the Helicarrier done, and exits immediately, then flies to Pegasus, where the monster whomps on him.

He and Rhodie double-team the monster, and Tony is able to momentarily defeat it with an EMP blast, then Tony gets out of the suit and sets it to self destruct while Technovore is eating it. It blows up, kills the thing, and the day is saved.

Meanwhile, Tony expresses angst over his dad’s apparent duplicity.

Meanwhile, in Russia (Or possibly Canada), the director of the Pegasus project gets off a plane, and we’re shown that he’s got Technovore nanites inside the fabric of his clothing.


I’m not sure why Technovore is still in the Pegasus facility since we saw it leaving in the guise of a toy helicopter in the episode it was introduced.

I’m not sure why the Pegasus project is still in operation, give that it’s been completely destroyed twice now, was bankrupt, and repeatedly tied to supervillainy.

I’m not sure why there’s a Russian space agency operating in New York.

I’m not sure why Technovore is limiting itself to one shape - monster - when it has the ability to change at will, and shape shifting would obviously be handier than a fixed one. I mean, I expect this kind of behavior in Stargate, where there’s budgetary concerns, but not so much in a pure CGI cartoon.

Speaking of which, Technovore behaves a LOT like a Stargate Replicator and/or a Borg. Well, it behaves the way a Borg *Says* it acts, in actual practice, we’ve never seen them actually act like that. Just like the Borg - talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. In any event, while Technovore is one of the more imposing bad guys they’ve created on this show, it’s hampered a bit by it’s odd behavior and derivative nature.

I really thought Rhodie was finally gonna’ get in the armor. Clearly he wants it, but, well, I guess not. They’re teasing us. In the comics, he frequently did turns in the armor, and eventually got his own suit, as I recall.

This was Iron Man Armored Exosuit version 3.1. I wonder what the next one will be like? And how long will it take to build a new one? Probably about one jumpcut, I guess.

It’s interesting that they make Nick Fury out to be kind of a jerk. This is the second time they’ve done it.

Intellectually, I liked this episode - they varied the format a bit, introduced a new adversary that didn’t instantly annoy me, showed a few new locations, added some complexity, nuanced the characters a little bit, and gave us a fair bit of continuity wankery. Best of all, they didn’t use Tony too much, and (sadly) the best stories on this show are the ones where Tony/Iron Man are minor characters. Still, somehow…eh. It didn’t quite work.

In the scale of things I’m using for this show - a sliding scale - it’s above average, but not their best episode. The show is, in fact, getting steadily, slightly better, but it’s really starting to grate on me, and I find it harder and harder to care about what’s going on. In essence, it’s quality is improving at a slower rate than my boredom is growing. About 7 episodes left until this production cycle or season or whatever it is ends, and then I’m out of here, unless something massive happens before then, of course.