EPISODE REVIEW: Generator Rex: “Payback” (Episode 21)

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The good news is that this isn’t the finale of Generator Rex. We’ve got five more episodes to go this season. The even better news is that Generator Rex has been picked up for a second season. Oddly, however, tonight’s story feels like the end of a chapter.


A spy inside of Providence informs Van Kleis that Rex is on The Keep, so he attacks with his whale blimp and an army of Evos. They quickly take over the ship, and it turns out the super villain actually got a few of Rex’s nanites when Rext stole his powers a few episodes back. He traps Rex with his new Reed Richards Stretchy Arm, and then “Cures” him. Rex has no powers, so he’s chucked out of the keep to fall to his doom.

Holiday et al rescue him as he falls, and they head back to the Keep. Van Kleis discovers that when he uses Rex’s powers on normal people, he *creates* evos, rather than cures them. He converts the crew to monsters, then attacks Providence HQ.

Holiday has discovered Rex has one nanite left - a control one, apparently - but as they don’t have time to figure it out, she sends Noah, Rex, and Bobo away. Rather than just run scared, Rex decides to go to the south pacific Providence facility, to bathe in some of the old nanites he’s offloaded there over the years. This they then do.

Back at Providence HQ, there’s more fighting, Six is done for, then - tah-dah - a newly-energized Rex jumps in and kicks everyone’s butt, though he’s got at least one new power he didn’t have before, and his helicopter attachment isn’t quite working right. Van Kleis gets away, Rex is excited by his new powers, and everyone lives happily ever after, excepting all the people who died.

The End.


Man oh man oh man oh man did this feel like a series finale: We get references to a half dozen of the major episodes, all our heroes and major villains are front and center tonight, Rex loses and gains powers, Holiday’s sister shows up, it all just felt like a set up for Volume Two. Strange, huh?

White Knight saved Biowulf’s life specifically so he could beat up on him for a while. That boy ain’t right. Still, his relationship with Rex seems to have changed a bit in the end.

Rex’s de-and-re-powering takes place too quickly. He’s undergoing the nanite bath in one scene, and large and in charge in the next. It should have been spaced out further. I can see how that’d be hard to do, but having him bust back in at the 15 minute mark and save the day made it seem like saving the day wasn’t *really* what the episode was about. I kept expecting some big plot twist that never came, we just had a lot of fighting for the rest of the ep.

It’s interesting that they never revealed the identity of the spy. I’d assumed it would be a big reveal in the end - like Rex trusts Callan or Beasley or one of the also-rans like that, and he’s betrayed by them. Since that *didn’t* happen here, I’m going to assume that’s being set up for a future reveal. Obviously the traitor is a guy, and we’ve got a limited number of suspects. Clearly it’s not Six, nor White Knight or the monkey. I wouldn’t have been too surprised if it was Noah, but clearly it wasn’t. Given what happened to Callan in this ep, it wasn’t him. That leaves only Beasley. He’s the only other person we’ve seen enough for it to have any kind of impact. I mean, if Cadet Ronbauer turned out to be the traitor, we’d all be like, “I’m sorry, who are you? Were you one of the waiters at the restaurant Rex went to on his prom date?” So it’s Beasley.

Wally Kurth wasn’t on his A-game tonight. He voices Six and Callan, and generally you can’t tell, but tonight you could. Conversely, mad props to Troy Baker. When the series first started he was doing Van Kleis with a kind of Cam Clarke thing going on that didn’t work for me, but he’s really grown into the part and made it his own. He still sounds pretty much the same, there’s not a first season/second season Homer Simpson shift going on here, he just uses the sound soooo very much better. The man feels lived in now.

What other new powers did Rex get? How many of Rex’s powers has Van Kleis kept.

Speaking of V.K, last time we saw him we were told that Rex had cured him, and he was no longer an Evo. Tonight he’s got the Mister Fantastic arm, and manages to steal Rex’s nanites using his own powers. What’s the deal here? Also, when Rex said “oh, no way!” in the final showdown with Kleis, I wasn’t really sure what he was talking about. Do you know?

Anyway: a very good episode in a show that’s been steadily improving. I look forward to next week.


If you look close enough, yes: Evil Germanic eastern European despot invades America, but is defeated and sent packing in short order by red-blooded, machinery-infested Americans. What’s not to like?