EPISODE REVIEW: Generator Rex: “Frostbite” (Season 1, Episode 6)

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I think this is my new favorite cartoon. There’s just a lot to like here. The voice acting is good, the music is generally above average, Six is cool, and there’s just a really neat visual style that has a signature different from any other Warners show on the air.

We start out with the normal teaser dustup with an evo, but *not* our normal voiceover from Rex explaining the premise of the show. Doc Holiday warns Rex that he’s overloaded with Nanites, and can’t take any more on, but he does it anyway, and basically metal bits start growing out of him as he collapses in pain.

They haul him off to a base in the arctic where he’s periodically drained of his nanites, and they’re stored for…what? I dunno. Future study? Containment? They don’t know how to destroy them? Never really explained. Anywhoo, the guy running the facility is an utter jackass, but actually kinda’ liked the cut of his jackassery. One of the things I like about this show is that everyone isn’t all nicey-nicey. They’re not vicious or massively dysfunctional - this is still a kid’s show after all - but they’ve got more pointy edges than we’re used to seeing in this kind of thing.

Rex is knocked out and stuck into the…uhm…let’s call it a “Disemnanulator.” That’s a terrible and clunky name that’s positively anti-catchy, and hence I love it. I am the guy who used “Jackassery” earlier in this review, after all.

While unconscious in the Disemnanulator, Rex has fragmentary dreams, played over neat, disjointed, vaguely Bartokian strings. He sees himself working with a puzzle in a hospital bed while doctors crowd around him, and a couple more images, and he says some cryptic babble about “Command code received, can not comply.” It’s genuinely intriguingly done!

He wakes up to find the base trashed, and several of Van Kleis’ goons coming after him. No big surprise, the Jackass did the whole thing. He’d been selling nanites to Van Kleis for years. Things go wrong, and he ends up growing extra super huge, and being much creepier looking than their usual evo, which is saying a lot, there’s definitely some freaky, small-child-nightmare-inducing beasties in this show. The scene of a massive knife wound stitching itself up was pretty creepy, too. (No gore, though. Never any gore.)

Rex attempts to drain the nanites, but there’s too many, and he overloads and gets all bulbous and inoperative like in the start of the episode, but before he goes down, he hears that “Command code, can not comply” babble again. Six and Holiday manage to take out the superevo (Which, truth be told, doesn’t do all that much. He mostly just stands their looking disturbingly slack jawed and stupid), and Six comments on how “The kid has more mysteries inside him than we thought.”

The End.