EPISODE REVIEW: The Event: "Your World To Take" (Season 1, Episode 9)

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This week, I actually got to watch on the big TV. Was It worth it? And will I remain unbanished?

Well, that's a question for next week, honestly.

As for this week, we learn a lot about the Non-Terrestrials. We even get an N.T. convention!


A woman is being deposed in a law office by a shark lawyer. The lawyer gets a text with a number on it. We see a lot of people getting the same text. They all gather in a single place. Sophia and Thomas walk in … it's a gathering of non-terrestrials, and there are a LOT of them…

After the big confab, Sophia meets with what must be her senior staff. Lawyer lady says that they want to stay. Sophia says that they need to honor their oath and not damage benevolent civilizations.

Thomas claims he didn't know of the dissension in the ranks. Sophia tries to get Thomas to confess that he's up to something… he doesn't. They make plans to retrieve a 'module' the next day A bit later that day, Thomas and Lawyer Lady get together. They are not only having an affair, they are also plotting Sophia's death and Thomas' ascension to the leadership of the non-terrestrials.

Leila and Sean are holed up in a hotel room. Agent Collier calls them; she's found one of the girls on the list. Leila and Sean saddle up and head for Tulsa to speak to the girl's family.

The V.P. is in the hospital with a nasty, nasty head wound.

Dempsey isn't pleased with the Vice President's survival. He mentions that there are always ways of taking care of such things. He sends a man to retrieve the girl that escaped, and tells him to administer a dose. A dose of what? No idea.

Sean and Leila find the girl's home, and convince the girl's mother to talk to them. As they try to get any fragment of information, the girl's dad shows up and is very upset-- both parents are upset, but aren't talking. The little girl comes out of her room in a hood that obscured her face, asking about Leila. She knows Leila's sister. The girl is ushered back to her room and Sean and Leila are kicked out.

Thomas and Lawyer Lady continue to plot his mother's demise.
Sophia and Thomas talk on the plane, where she tells him that they could've gotten out of lockup any time they wanted, in any way they wanted but they stayed there to protect the ones on the outside. She then tells him that she can't trust him in a leadership role anymore; he was in over his head. They go to retrieve the module, and they find that it's still viable. It wasn't damaged during the crash. As soon as she finishes entering her password, Thomas draws down on her. Sophia insists that he look her in the eyes when he shoots her. She intuits that it's Isobel (Lawyer Lady) who's manipulating the situation. Thomas fails to muster the courage for matricide, and falls to his knees. Sophia cradles his head and tells him that she loves him.

Sean and Leila stake out the girls home, and wait. The family packs suitcases and leaves in a trusty red Volvo. They follow them to a gas station. Leila goes to talk to the girl and her Mom. Abby (the girl) reveals her face. It's aged horribly, Leila gets some good information until the assassin shows up. Sean intrudes on the attempt, and ends up leading a chase through a cornfield. After a thrilling chase and dustup, they subdue Dempsey's man with a rock. The Sterns (Abby's family) escape, but Sean doesn't think that they were the targets when he finds a printout with Leila's picture and name on it.

The Veep wakes up, and it turns out that his wife has received threats. She tells the Veep to remember their children as President Martinez walks in the hospital room.

Sophia confronts Isabel about her and Thomas' plans. She gives Isabel the gun they had meant for Sophia. Sophia gives Isabel the choice of ostracizing herself or shooting herself. Isabel shoots herself in the knee to prove her loyalty. Sophia leaves.


I'm still not convinced that these non-terrestrials are actually extraterrestrial. Although they talk of their own ruined world, we can't be sure that it's not a future Earth.

It's not very surprising that the N.T.'s have started to go native. We saw a good indication of that in Lee's flashbacks a few episodes back. These people are not so different from Earthlings. Isabel's ultimate goals are unknown, but it's evident that she enjoys being on Earth.

My, there are a lot (perhaps a thousand) N.T.'s on Earth. Not enough to be a voting bloc, but enough to make a cultural impact.

Sophia's insistence that they do no harm to America's culture is interesting. She continues to prove herself to be an excellent leader, a good mix of intuition, educated guesses and deep knowledge. It's no wonder she inspires loyalty, even in people she's not seen for sixty years.

Sean and Leila are making progress-- they provide the action in this series. Whenever the episode starts dragging, cut to Sean and Leila and their breathless search for the kid sister.

It seems that there's some sort of link between the girls aging and Dempsey's longevity. That's a bit obvious, but maybe it's meant to be.

I don't know if the Veep will turn on Dempsey or not… but in for a penny, in for a pound, I say.

Not too bad.

Will Conservatives Like This Episode

Nothing really to not like. The politics were downplayed this week, and I think I prefer the N.T.'s machinations to the Presidential ones.