EPISODE REVIEW: The Event: "Everything Will Change"(Season 1, Episode 11)

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Tonight marks the 'Fall Finale' of The Event, and a large missile has been launched… does the show end with a bang, or a girly whimper.

Well, no nukes were harmed in the production of this episode...


We open on Leila and Sean doin' TSA Agent impersonations on the assassin in the cornfield. Sean finds he can't shoot the guy in cold blood, but he can administer unknown pharmaceuticals. They chase the assassin through the field until he stumbles and falls. He's aged 40 years in 40 seconds.

The President comes in to visit the now-conscious Veep. He questions him, and the V.P. turns dumb, and then smart. Ray tells Martinez that the press would salivate over his part in the Non Terrestrial coverup. They leave the hospital suddenly because of a national security emergency. A missile installation has just popped up in a fictitious third world nation. It's capabilities and origin are completely unknown.

Sophia is having some manner of tea ceremony with Lee, Thomas and Isobel. She begins with a bit of a pep talk, and then to business. They are trying to build a portal home, but they need time and money. When Thomas and Isobel leave, Sophia tells Lee that Thomas and Isobel are lying about the financials. She wants Lee to track the finances down. Meanwhile, Thomas knows that Sophia has the finances figured out, and tells Isobel that they have to leave now, or Sophia will figure out their end game.

Back to the cornfield, the assassin reveals the location of the hospital where Abby is, because it's the only place he can get treatment. Abby's father appears, and warns them off. They turn around, and the assassin is dead.

Sean and Leila go to Willowbrook hospital, where they believe Samantha is being held. They bluff their way into the patient area with amazing success, and Sean goes wandering through the secure areas with the assassins key card. He gets nabbed quickly, and they get thrown out of the facility. On their way out, a patient calls to them, telling them that he hears the little girls, too… and that they are 'way down there'.

Agent Lee finds the body of Thomas' financier. Sophia suspects Thomas immediately. Apparently, Thomas has absconded with the 'Key Module' (a McGuffin that the N.T.'s need to get home).

In the meantime, the President is trying to get the missile installation shut down. He's trying diplomatic channels, but not very effective. Sterling figures out that the missiles belong to the N.T.'s quickly. Martinez knows now that Thomas is behind this new threat.

Leila and Sean break into the hospital and work their way down. Using the assassin's key (why is this starting to sound like a D&D session?), they make their way to Cadmus' sub-basement (oops, wrong show). It looks to be cleared out, but they find evidence of the little girls' presence… and evidence of Samantha.

Lee calls Sophia, telling her of the imminent missile launch. She's visibly upset. The adminsitration and miliatry are trying hard to stop launch…

… but Thomas pulls the trigger.

The missile heads for space, not the U.S. It deploys a satellite; a communications satellite that is facing the wrong way. It's sending a signal to deep space.

Sean and Leila find a records room, with some burned papers. They sort through the ashes. They find a folder with Abby's father's name (Paul) on it. His file is thick with photos taken over the last 60 years. He's an N.T.. They then find a file with her father's name on it--- he, too hasn't aged in 60 years.


This is the show's "Fall Finale", but although the twist at the end was something I didn't see coming (I may have to rewatch some episodes to see if the clues were there), it didn't feel like the stakes were high enough at the conclusion of the hour to make me feel 'Cliffhung'.

I did enjoy it, though. It was a taut hour, and they don't tend to waste a lot of time with navel gazing. The missile looked like a heavy duty threat.. and it may still be, but for now it appears to be a massive head-fake. Not that a commsat beaming to deep space ISN'T a threat, but the urgency seems to be gone.

Leila and Sean made some serious progress tonight. They have seen what the mysterious serum does, and they know that the kidnapped girls were very recently held in the sub basement of the hospital. They also know that Leila is half Non Terrestrial. Suddenly the experiments on the girls start to make a little sense. As daughters of N.T.'s, Dempsey is trying to use the N.T. progeny's natural aging resistance to keep him young.

Thomas and Isabel are now officially rogue N.T.'s. I don't know how long they can get away with it before Sophia and Lee stomp them into a greasy spot.

Well, this show goes on hold for a month or two. I guess I'll be watching The Sing-Off or football for a bit...