Episode Review: Doctor Who:"Victory of the Daleks" (Episode 759)

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Well, it was inevitable. Every Doctor has to encounter the Daleks, I'm just glad that they got it out of the way fairly quickly this time.

Was it worth watching? Well, yes. I won't force you to read my ramblings to find out if it's worth your valuable time.
Was it brilliant?

That, I'll make you take the leap for...

If you want a recap, they've got a pretty encyclopedic one over at Wikipedia. Go look if you need the Cliff's notes. I'll wait.

Okay, you're up to date and now I'll give you my eminently qualified opinion:

"Yes, Emperor Dalek?"
"Bring me five cybernetic organisms with Attitude!"

Go! Go! Skaro Rangers!!!

Yeah. That's what I got out of it. Colorful Daleks, very very Power Ranger like.


I know a lot of people liked this episode, and I did, mostly. Let's break it down.
I really liked the idea of Churchill using whatever means available, even Daleks. The idea that the Daleks would use the Doctor as a validation of their existence was brilliant. Amy's lack of knowledge of the Daleks was puzzling (as I'm sure it was supposed to be). The Doctor's gambit with a Jammy Dodger was pretty funny.

However, as much as the Brits seemed to love this, I thought the Spitfires in Space sequence was implausable and rather silly, actually. The pacing just seemed a bit off to me, and I wasn't really crazy about the portrayal of Churchill, actually. The whole "make the android feel emotion" gag is way overplayed... making it the gimmick to defuse the McGuffin bomb just made it worse.

Still, an 'okay' episode of Doctor Who is still better than the best most series have to offer.

Next Week: The return of River Song and the Weeping Angels!