Episode Review: Doctor Who:"The Big Bang"

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This episode is rather hard to review without spoiling stuff, but I'm going to give it my best shot.


There.  That didn't spoil anything did it?

Oh.  You want more.  Awfully demanding today, aren't you?  

The story begins where the last one left off.. the universe is gone, the Earth hangs in a starless sky, orbiting around an inexplicably present Sun.  The Doctor is imprisoned in a big black box... the good news is that Schrodinger has been notified and he's on his way to retrieve his cat.

Oh.  Wrong black box... but a similar outcome.  We expect a Deus Ex Machina, and we get one (literally), but not the one we expect.  

And in the end, the Universe is saved and the Doctor is rescued by an ancient rhyme- a perfect fairytale ending.

This episode brings closure to the first series of adventures of the Eleventh Doctor: the Fairytale Doctor.  Although there's quite a bit of Bill and Ted (or maybe Curse of Fatal Death) to this episode, it is told in such a way that it feels like a bedtime story told by a favorite babysitter. There's a magic about the way that Moffatt has taken the Doctor and made him the 'good wizard in all the fairytales' .

Matt Smith's portrayal of the Doctor is simultaneously youthful and ancient.  His mannerisms remind me of the Third Doctor, but there's an ancient curiousity behind his eyes that is very compelling.  (Peter Davison tried to do this, but didn't always pull it off)

All in all, I thought this series was very satisfying, and I'm really looking forward to the Christmas special.


What do you guys think?