Episode Review: Doctor Who: "Vampires of Venice" (Episode 764)

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The Doctor has faced Vampires before... but has he faced Venetian Vampires? (As opposed to Venusian Vampires).

Again, if you want a plot summary, a good one can be found right here

This episode honestly felt like an 'old school' Doctor Who episode. I could just as easily see Tom Baker or Peter Davison in this situation as Matt Smith. There were some modern touches, but in style and structure it was very similar to classic 'Who'.

Matt Smith continues to develop his version of the Doctor. His horror at having yet another companion fall for him distinguishes him from the two other modern Doctors, and his willingness to take on another companion for an indefinite ride was also very new. He enjoys their company, which hasn't happened for quite a while.

I'm kind of mixed on Rory. I'm not sure if I like him yet, although he is a sympathetic character. He knows that he can't compete with the Doctor, and because his relationship with Amy is imperiled, he sees the Doctor somewhat differently. His observation that the Doctor makes his companions become a danger to themselves because they want to impress him is very astute.

The Doctor's jacket pocket is apparently like the Tardis, 'bigger on the inside'. I got a huge laugh as he whipped a yard long UV light out of his interior breast pocket. (It is a running gag- in a future episode, he pulls a rather large slingshot out of that pocket). This just makes me believe that Mary Poppins may be a Time Lady, or her carpet bag is Gallifreyan technology at the very least. And I haven't even mentioned the Library Card gag...

The villians were a bit 'same-ish', but the Doctor, in a bit of metatextual comment, notes "Classic!" when Amy reveals that they aren't vampires, but aliens. This new series seems much more aware of the cliches, and when it drops into them, there's a wink, a nod and a reassurance that you may've seen bits like this before, but it will still be entertaining.

BBC-America is going to take a week off next week. The following week, we get to see "Amy's Choice", which is all about... well, Amy's choice.