Episode Review: Doctor Who :"The Hungry Earth" & "Cold Blood"

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Ah, the weekend of Father's Day is usually a madhouse around the R2 household- Republibot 2.3's birthday also falls in this range and honestly, nothing gets done.

Even if I have no computer access, though, The Doctor gets watched.

For fairly good (but not great) set of recaps go here- The Hungry Earth
and here Cold Blood

I can't help it... I was pretty disappointed by this two parter. Although the botlets hid behind the couch at the appropriate parts, something just didn't connect with me.

It seemed that the Doctor minimized the threat at the expense of the humans in the equation. His low-key concern for Amy and the other abductees, his muted interrogation of Alaya the Silurian... I usually know where to place the blame for such things, but in this case I think it may be a combination of flat direction and flat writing. This is what you get when you let a Torchwood writer write for Doctor Who. There was a fatalism to the writing that is out of character for normal Doctor Who scripts. The direction felt a bit flat. Bits that needed to be punched up, weren't. Yes, the Matt Smith Doctor is far more well adjusted than his two immediate predecessors, but he's Gallifreyan, not Vulcan!

About halfway through the first chapter, the Doctor makes a discovery. This discovery puts the Doctor into a Benevolent Time Lord mode where he's going to put together a peace between two very different peoples with equal claims on the Earth. It's more than a bit transparent and irritating... again, don't put a Torchwood writer on Doctor Who.

In addition, in a continuity hiccup (or maybe it's purposeful. No way of telling), the agreement for the Silurians to wake from suspended animation in 1000 years to try to make a go of it with the humans forgets that the humans have evacuated Earth in that timeframe, leaving behind a pretty wasted Earth (as related in The Beast Below... that was this season, guys. It's not like pulling out a bit of obscure arcana from a Jon Pertwee episode....) Again, everybody say it with me: Never hire a Torchwood writer for Doctor Who!

Poor Rory. He's gotten to die two times so far this season. I wonder if there are any more deaths in his future? And the bit of jetsam that the Doctor fishes out of the fissure? That, my friends, is very interesting indeed. It does horrify the Doctor.