EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who: "Day of the Moon"

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The Doctor and his companions are still in America (Florida, to be exact), in spite of him being, well, dead and all.

And what about the creepy aliens who can't be noticed?

Spoiler spillage, ho!


July 1969 (Three months later), Amy is running for her life from Delaware (Canton, that is). She's shot, presumably killed. She has tally marks on her arms. Photos are taken to an imprisoned and bearded Doctor. In quick succession, Canton takes down River and Rory and brings them to the Doctor's impenetrable prison. Unknown to his cohorts, Canton has hidden the cloaked TARDIS within the prison, and Rory and Amy are NOT dead…. Canton, Amy, Rory and the Doctor run into the Tardis and save River by having her do a swan dive into the TARDIS' swimming pool.

And that's just the first couple of minutes.

Turns out the Doctor and companions have been trying to get information about the business suited creatures that no one can notice.

Canton and Amy are trying to find the little girl in the space suit. To do so, they visit an extraordinarily creepy orphanage. Writing on the walls,

The Doctor, meanwhile, is cobbling back together the Apollo 13 capsule.

In the orphanage, Amy has discovered a nest of them. Due to the nature of the creatures, she is trapped in what amounts to a hypnotic time loop.

The Doctor, now being interrogated by NASA types, gets a rescue from Nixon, River and Rory.

Amy's adventures in the orphanage continue, as she finds a room that looks a bit like a nursery. She discovers a row of photos that indicate that the girl may be Amy's baby. The girl in the astronaut's suit appears, as do more critters in suits.

The Doctor gets to the orphanage (after telling Nixon to tape everything that goes on in his office (in order to tell whether he's being influenced by the aliens)) to find Amy's implanted nanorecorder on the floor. She's being held somewhere where it's dark… Somewhere along the line, Canton succeeded in shooting an alien; the Doctor questions the alien, to find their name is The Silence (and we find that they've been mentioned from the beginning of last year).

The Doctor and company grab the space suit (now empty) and begin to analyze it. While doing so, they reason that the Silence are the ultimate parasites, they've been influencing humanity for ages.

Amy is being held by the Silence in what appears to be the control room from "The Boarder". The TARDIS materializes inside and massive higgaldy piggaldy ensues. The Doctor puts the seed of a secret war against the Silence into humanity's collective (un)conscious by putting video of the Silence into the transmission of the moon landing.

They drop River off back in Stormgate prison, and head off on another adventure… but the Doctor has questions regarding Amy's on again, off again pregnancy. She doesn't think she was, but apparently she was? Is?

The girl in question stumbles through an alley. She's dying… well she was until she begins to regenerate...


Wow. Now THAT sets up the season. The Silence are not going to go away quietly…. Amy's child… the Doctor's death … the season looks to be shaping up rather interestingly.

The Silence are really creepy and manipulative aliens. I'm sure they have something dreadful planned in the way of reveng…

Wait. What was I talking about? It was interesting seeing an episode of Doctor Who without any scary aliens….

The Doctor's death is still an unsolved mystery. Did the child kill the Doctor? Did River? Amy? The Doctor himself?

And speaking of the girl, who the heck is she? Is she indeed Amy and Rory's child, or is she something else? There for a bit, I thought she might be River, but I don't know anymore. She's begins a regeneration cycle, so what does that mean?

Overall, a nice solid payoff to last week's episode.

Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

Yes. In spite of Delaware's marriage commentary, Nixon is portrayed very positively (especially for a British production). It's quite fun, actually.