EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who: "The Curse of the Black Spot" (Season 6, Episode 3)

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Tonight, the Doctor and company take to the high seas, where it's always night (for budgetary reasons, I think). Pirates and Sirens and a slightly confused Doctor follow.

Spoilers, Ahoy!!!


The Doctor, Rory and Amy find themselves on a pirate ship. After being marked as stowaways and shown the plank, Amy takes it upon herself to do some swashbuckling. She manages to scratch one pirate (though she gets several style points for the coat and hat…) and Rory who immediately exhibit a black spot on their hands. Their blood has apparently summoned a 'Green Singing Shark in an Evening Gown'…. a Siren who sings men foolish and then kills them. One man dies, Rory lives, thanks to the Doctor. They discover that she can materialize through any drop of water, so, in the middle of the ocean, they seek a place with no water.
In the process, they discover a real stowaway, the Captain's son. He's a bit ill… and he bears the black spot. She's not killed him yet, though.
The Doctor and the Captain head for the Tardis, leaving Rory and Amy with some rather dishonorable sorts. While in the TARDIS, it goes a bit mental, and dematerializes all by itself… The Doctor and friends are now very, very stranded.

One of the Blackguards makes a run for it and ends up dead… but in doing so, the Doctor realizes that it's not water, but reflection that the siren moves through. He goes through the ship trying to destroy or jettison all reflective surfaces, including the pirate's booty.

As Amy lies down for the night, she hears a voice telling her that she's doing alright. She looks up and sees a hole in the wall, similar to the slot in the door in the orphanage last week, with a woman in an eyepatch looking at her. The slot closes…

Suddenly, a storm picks up and the lubbery TARDIS crew make a really bad pirate ship crew. The Captain had held onto a crown from his booty, and the Siren uses it to spring out and grab his son. Rory is knocked overboard, and the Doctor re-summons the Siren to tell her where he is, completely befuddling Amy and the Captain. The Doctor now thinks that the Siren is transporting the crew to another dimension, so they cut themselves and succumb to the Siren.

They wake up on a spaceship, where every window opens up on a reflection on the Pirate ship. They find an alien crew member dead in the control room- dead from a cold. Eventually they make their way to a sickbay, where all the people that have disappeared are in biobeds. The Doctor realizes that the siren is an Emergency Medical Hologram and is trying to save them all, even though the injuries (in some cases) are rather minor. Rory, however, was drowning-- on the verge of death-- and can't be removed from life support. As he comes to, he tells Amy that she can save him, if she uses CPR on him when she unhooks him from the system.

The Captain decides to stay with his son, and as he's a natural (he figured out the TARDIS controls earlier), he'll be Captain of the alien ship.

The Doctor and Amy drag Rory into the TARDIS and begin CPR. After a few (unrealistically)long moments, Rory comes to.

The Captain and his crew pilot their new ship into space…

Amy and Rory head for bed. The Doctor has taken to calling her 'Amelia' when he worries about her… and he's very worried about Amelia as her belly tends to be holding Schrodinger's baby…


A solid episode. It was interesting that the Doctor's pet theories kept on getting trashed and he jumped to the next theory… the Doctor isn't necessarily always right.
I'm not sure what's going on in Amy's head lately. It can't be something as nice and simple as post-traumatic stress, can it?
So, the Doctor has set a bunch of scurvy… well, I guess they can't be as scurvy as all that with the hot E.M.H. taking care of them… pirates loose in a starship. Shades of Sabalom Glitz, eh?
Somehow, I felt like this episode echoed 'The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances' (coincidentally written by Steven Moffat) in that medical devices that at first seemed horrifying were actually beneficial in their own odd way. Also, like that pair of episodes… no one dies in this one.

Hmm. Holographic Emergency Doctor. Where have we seen that before?

I think that we'll make up for the lack of body count next week. Time Lords are afoot, again.

Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

Well, aside from the normal anti-greed screed, yes. We have Pirates, after all...