Episode Review: Doctor Who: "The Almost People" (Season 6 Episode 5)

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When last we left our intrepid TARDIS crew, we were left with a Doctor made of silly putty and more doppelgangers banging on the door.

A bad spot, no? Lets' see if they get out of it!
(spoilers follow, even though we're way behind the Brits now…)


The Ganger Doctor struggles to cope with his past regenerations. The Doctor helps him through this (and a craving for Jelly Babies with a reversed neutron flow), and eventually they are the best of friends, even soul mates. With the combined mental prowess of two Doctors, they quickly escape.

The Gangers, while trying to kill the humans, suffer through existential angst. Ganger Jen, however, has a plan…

The Doctors put the control room back on line, while explaining to Amy that they are effectively both the Doctor, however wearing different shoes. When Amy figures out which one is which, she shows a definite preference for the 'real' Doctor. The Ganger Doctor stands back and glowers, eventually leaving the room after she has another vision of the Eye Patch Lady. Amy goes after him to apologize for her shoddy treatment of him- and the Doctor proceeds to chew her out as his connection to the Flesh becomes stronger.

They find Rory, and the Doctor sends Ganger Doctor after him. The Doctor tells Amy to trust the Ganger Doctor; she's not really cool with that. The GDoc run for the human signal and find a dying Jennifer. The Ganger Jen has Rory fooled into closing the exhaust vents, thus making things really toasty and potentially 'splodey.

Ganger Jen is also developing other talents, among them being able to unhinge her jaw and eat her former companions. She is leading a revolution… and her jaw is not the only thing that's unhinged. The GDoc makes an appeal to the Ganger's humanity. It works on everyone but Ganger Jen… who is a monster. Quite literally.

After a bit of running from a monster that looks like something out of The Lazarus Experiment, the TARDIS bursts through the ceiling, affording our heroes an avenue of escape. The Doctors reveal that the GDoc was actually the real Doctor and vice versa-- they swapped shoes. They did this to see what the Flesh was like. Amy apologizes to the Flesh Doc, who tells her to 'push when she's told to' and they head for the TARDIS, except for the Foreman and the Flesh Doc who stay behind to vaporize Ganger JenMonster, knowing that it would vaporize them as well.

The Doctor puts the Gangers and humans back to wherever they're supposed to go.

The Doctor tells Amy to breathe, because she's having a baby. There's a connection between her and the Flesh…. the Amy we've seen all this year has been a Ganger. The Doctor dissolves her after swearing that they're coming for her, no matter where she is….

In a white room, the Eye Patch Lady tells Amy to "PUSH". Amy screams….


Okay, that's a bit confusing…

So the Amy that we've known this year hasn't been Amy. We don't know when the swap took place, but it's apparent that it's been quite a while. In addition, Amy spilled that she witnessed the Doctor's death to the Real Doctor.

Overall, a much better episode than the starter. But still rather confusing, all told. After making such a point about the Ganger's humanity, the Doctor proceeds to vaporize the AmyGanger… a bit inconsistent, no?

Inconsistency aside, Amy had a real character arc… she learns to overcome her anti-Flesh bias- ironic, since she was a Ganger herself.

The use of Tom Baker's and David Tennant's voices during the brief meta-crisis that the Ganger Doctor experiences was clever, funny… and ties the Smith Doctor even more firmly into the heritage of the Doctor.

Smith's performance and timing with himself was nothing short of incredible. Gillan did a good job as well, and Darvill is really starting to really show some strength as Rory.

Next week: Midseason Finale

Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

Lots of action, yes. Secrets revealed, yes. Inconsistent human (?) rights message, not so much.