EFFORTLESSLY INTERESTING: A history of Nuclear War in Fiction

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Welcome to "Effortlessly Interesting," the feature that's just filling space between reviews of cartoons and movies no one cares about.

This time out, I give you this link to a comprehensive digest (though it's a bit old) of Nuclear War as it tends to show up in fiction (Both SF and 'Dane). This is actually pretty cool in an arcane sense as it reflects what people's opinions on the subject were at given times.

There is, in fact, a predictable, but unexpected bell-curve in mania, ranging from "Nuclear War ain't no big deal" in the late 40s to "Even one bomb will render the world uninhabitable" mania in the mid-1980s. This tapered off through the 90s and Naughts, getting as low as "Well, it's bad, but it's survivable," before starting to creep back up again.

Check it out: