DRIVE-BY GEEKERY: 30 Rock and...oh, who am I kidding? It's always 30 Rock. Sigh...

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Ok, I'm in a quandry here. This feature is dedicated to pointing out occasional shoutouts and in-jokes aimed at us, the geek community. These are generally fairly infrequent, like the surprise appearance of Space Cowboy Mal on a recent episode of Castle. The problem is that 30 Rock seems to have a deliberate bit of Drive-By Geekery in every episode as part of their formula. I'm cool with pointing out clever random references when they turn up on shows like Castle and Spongebob and, you know, non-genre shows like that, but it's feeling increasingly like pandering by the 30 Rock writers, and while it *is* funny, if it's a regular part of every episode - a sad attempt to hold on to some geek cred in the not-at-all geeky successful sitcom, whether or not it fits the plot - it's hardly Drive-By, now is it?

I mean, this is an irregular feature, aimed at singling out noteworthy and presumably also irregular references that the 'danes will probably miss. I feel bad about dragging you all in here for regularly-scheduled crap like this. So I'm thinking I should just retire 30-Rock from Drive-By eligiability, but if any of you feel strongly about keeping it, post in the comments and let me know. Otherwise, we'll keep the feature, but ditch this one show.

Anyway, this week we had a fairly funny, out of nowhere Godzilla gag involving Kenneth. It had nothing to do with the plot and was shoehorned in there. If you want to watch it, here it is at just after the 4:30 mark. Meh. Funny but Meh.

Last week was easily the best episode of the fourth season, but this week was back to moderately amusing, which is always a disappointment for this show. It was so freakin' brilliant when it started out.