DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: "The" Flying Sub (1965-1968)

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Of course no pointless retrospective on flying submarines would be complete without a mention of the Flying Sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea:

Curiously, there's not much actual video online of sub from the show, so above I've put a CGI flight simulator hack that someone did. It at least gives you a sense of the look and feel of the thing.

On the show, the Flying Sub served largely the same purpose as the Shuttle Craft on Star Trek. It allowed characters to get quickly from one point to another, and to get shot down or otherwise stranded thus necessitating all manner of dramatic rescue attempts. It was hangered in the Seaview itself, and could fly as well as go at least as deap as the Mothersub herself could. It also had the ability to send out divers, and could land on land or water, and in one episode it did a carrier landing (!). As you can see in the clip above, it also had claws for manipulating objects on the bottom. It was nuclear powered, and it also had a laser.
Here's some footage of an underwater R/C model someone made of it:

and here's some footage of a model of the interior:

What makes this interesting is that the US Navy was so impressed with the design - which didn't appear to break any aeronautical laws, and seemed plausible - that they actually built a large-scale fiberglass model of the sub, and extensively wind-tunnel tested it. I'm not sure if this is a case of the US Navy really thinking this would work, or if their aeonautical engineers just had some extra time on their hands and decided to blow off some steam while bored, but it remains one of only two designs from SF television series to actually be evaluated by a real-world military or space agency.

FUN FACT FOR TREKIES: The *other* thing to be tested was *not* the Space Shuttle from Star Trek.

We'll probably come back to the Flying Sub at some later date, since it just looks so damn cool and absolutely drips early 60s Googie charm.