CLASSICS FOR KIDS: “Star Wars, Episode V:The Empire Strikes Back” (1980)


[NOTE: This is a review by Republiboy, age 11, who’d never seen Empire Strikes Back before, and didn’t like Star Wars at all. Just for point of reference, his favorite SF movie of all time is "Babylon 5: A Call To Arms."]

I thought this movie was far better than the previous one. I liked C3PO a lot less, however, and Chewie was a lot less entertaining. I enjoyed the sequence on Hoth, I personally feel that was the best part. I really didn’t like any of the things that happened on Deggobah, and Yoda was rather annoying. But I must say, I really enjoyed the movie as a whole.

The story was ok. I loved the beginning, the middle was rather annoying for me - just the Deggobah stuff - the Falcon wasn’t very interesting, I personally found the gag with the hyperdrive to be tedious. Could City was interesting enough, I didn’t expect Vader to be there. The final battle was very interesting. Although I knew it was coming, I was rather shocked when Vader revealed that he was Luke’s dad.

Lando and Boba Fett: Not very interesting to me. The Ghost of Obi Wan was at best annoying. The gag where Vader kept killing the admirals and promoting captains was hysterical. When they dumped the trash, I expected it to just be full of people Vader had choked.

I really don’t have any words that could describe the Asteroid scene. I wasn’t expecting the big space worm, I wasn’t expecting it to be a worm, but that’s really rather annoying: I personally think an asteroid that was alive would be much cooler.

The Big Battle on Hoth would be my favorite part, if I had to pick one particular scene. What 3PO says when Chewie reactivates him is my second favorite. Han was much cooler, and pretty funny. Like the last movie, Lea was annoying. Luke’s acting was much better.

Yoda was my least favorite thing in the movie. He’s kind of a jerk.

This is far better than the last movie.